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What’s The Big Deal With That Little Thermostat?

Programmable Thermostat

How Much Does Your Home’s Thermostat Impact You

We see it all the time here at Hobaica Services - Homeowners in the area who are diligent about caring for their houses, who change air filters regularly, sign up for annual maintenance on their air conditioning system, and do what they need to do in order to keep their homes comfortable. Yet these homeowners are still having issues with keeping their homes cool, not to mention paying hundreds of dollars each month in energy costs.

What do these homeowners have in common? Chances are, if you are doing everything right yet are still having comfort issues, you have an old, outdated thermostat you are still using. In this month’s blog, we’ll dive into how much your thermostat could be negatively impacting your indoor temps, your energy usage and your wallet.

How Effective Is Your Old Thermostat?

In business since 1952, our team at Hobaica has seen a lot of thermostat models throughout the years. While we love the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” when it comes to thermostats it’s not necessarily the case. First of all, it can be very tricky to know if your thermostat is actually broken. Your unit can be cranking out cool air and things appear to be functioning just fine, but in reality your thermostat may be sending your system incorrect commands and making it work harder than it needs to.

With Hobaica’s Lifetime Thermostat Guarantee, no matter the age, make or model, if it stops working we’ll replace it free of charge, up to a $399 credit, no strings attached! Register your thermostat now!


Keep an eye out for these signs that your thermostat is not working properly:

  • Your heating and air conditioning system is short-cycling, or turning on and off again too often.
  • Your power bill has jumped for no apparent reason.
  • Your indoor temps are not consistent.

How Does A Programmable Thermostat Work?

If you are not currently using a programmable thermostat, it’s time to start! With advances in technology, thermostats can help keep your home comfortable more easily than ever before. A programmable thermostat allows you the flexibility to set your home’s temperature to different degrees based on your specific schedules and needs. When you program your thermostat, you can tell your system when you will typically be out of the house so it will automatically adjust the temps. Why is this so important? Well, when your AC is working its hardest in the middle of the day to make your home nice and cool and you’re not even around to enjoy it… It ends up being a big waste of both cool air and money.

While you are gone all day, your thermostat adjusts your home’s temperature to be a little higher. Your thermostat knows when you typically return, however, so when you walk in the door it has worked to cool your home back to your ideal temperature first. While you would think it would cost more in energy and cause your unit to work harder to adjust the temperature throughout the day, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, the opposite is true as when your home is warmer during the day when you’re not home, it will lose energy to the hot outside environment more slowly.

How Much Money Is My Old Thermostat Costing Me?

Your HVAC system uses by far the most energy out of all your home’s systems — up to one half of all your power consumption! That energy translates into dollars on your energy bill. When you have a newer, more updated and programmable thermostat, it amounts to big savings on your power bill each month. And the best part? You are still nice and comfortable in your home, saving money without having to sacrifice your comfort one bit.

Without a programmable thermostat, your unit works extra hard to keep your home heated and cooled at a steady temperature, even when you are not home. All that wear and tear on your system could cause it to need additional repairs over the years or even shorten its lifespan. So using a newer thermostat could save you money on a potential AC repair or even years on having to buy a new one.

Call Your Home Comfort Pros For Your New Thermostat

At Hobaica, our goal is for you to have the best home comfort at the lowest cost possible. Contact our team today to have your new programmable thermostat installed.

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