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Wine Cellar Installation

Let Hobaica’s Masters Build Your Wine Cellar

Looking to add a wine cellar to your home or business? Whether you are building a new structure from the ground up, or converting an existing space, Hobaica can help with your wine cellar installation.

Wine Masters By Hobaica Knows Wine

Hobaica understands the importance of storing wine at the proper temperature, which is why we offer expert wine cooling system installations & custom wine cellar designs. We provide a “Wine Masters by Hobaica” system, which is designed to withstand the Phoenix heat. A Hobaica wine cellar installation includes:

  • Precise climate control to protect your valuable wine investment.
  • A backup cooling system in case of unforeseen system failure.
  • A temperature monitoring system to keep you in touch with your wine cellar temperatures while you are away.
  • preventative maintenance plan to ensure worry free continual cooling.

Wine Masters By Hobaica Knows Wine

Hobaica understands the importance of storing wine at the proper temperature, which is why we offer expert wine cooling system installations & custom wine cellar designs. We provide a “Wine Masters by Hobaica” system, which is designed to withstand the Phoenix heat. A Hobaica wine cellar installation includes:

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Why Choose Us?

Hobaica has been serving the Phoenix AZ area since 1952, which has earned us our reputation as the cooling system experts. Our technicians are experienced with both commercial and residential wine cellar installations and will make recommendations based on your space.

Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians look forward to providing your wine cooling system installation that gives you the wine cellar that you can be proud of for years to come!

To receive a quote for your wine cellar installation Phoenix area, contact us online or call (602) 633-9555. You’ll Lika...Hobaica!

How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?

It typically costs an average of $20,000 - $40,000 to build a wine cellar in the Phoenix area

The costs can vary considerably, however. A simple wine cabinet can cost much less. A new construction project can cost much more if the new cellar is part of new construction on the home.

With a wine cellar, a builder might be factoring in all of the standard costs one might expect with construction while adding unique systems for environment control, balanced with aesthetics.

Our hot, dry climate in Arizona can sometimes present challenges for the serious wine collector. To learn more about wine storage solutions or schedule a consultation with Hobaica, reach out to set up an appointment.

What is the ideal humidity for a wine cellar?

On average, the ideal humidity for a wine cellar is between 50-70%. Maintaining that humidity level while creating the cool environment needed for wine storage often requires special equipment.

There are a number of other considerations as you plan your wine cellar installation:

  • How many corked bottles are in your collection.
  • Wine types and vintages.
  • Your personal goals for your collection.

If you are in the Phoenix area, our wine storage experts are happy to set up a consultation to discuss your needs, from new installation to repairs and maintenance. (As wine lovers ourselves, we developed the Wine Masters by Hobaica system specially suited for our desert-type climate!)

At what temperature should you store wine?

You should aim to store your wine at about 55 degrees. At the same time, you need to protect your investment from wild temperature swings.

  • Temperatures higher than 70 degrees will age your wine too quickly and may affect the wine’s flavors and aromas. 
  • Temperatures below 45 degrees could dry out the corks and allow air into the bottles.
  • You definitely don’t want the bottles to freeze, which could cause the corks to pop.

In the Phoenix area, heat is the number one enemy of wine. To learn more about storage solutions suited for our climate, contact the Hobaica wine storage experts today!

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Ellen Battilana
Ellen Battilana
00:36 28 Jul 21
Loved the Hobaica service! Steven A. was the technician and I can't say enough great things about him. Called when he was on the way to my house (on-time as promised), very friendly, polite and explained exactly what happened and what he was doing to fix it. Super customer service!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this family owned, local business.
ardy rinki
ardy rinki
00:17 28 Jul 21
Very good service providedVery punctual and completed the work in a timely mannerExplained the work that needed to be done and did a very good job fixing the problemVery good service in overall
Roger Freeman
Roger Freeman
22:05 27 Jul 21
Ryan performed the work on time with great efficiency.
Sita Cooney
Sita Cooney
18:58 27 Jul 21
Gave clear and concise information about my AC problems; gave solutions at various costs & warranties, and was professional and courteous throughout the exchange. I didn’t feel pressured and I feel very confident as a long-time customer.
Barbara Everst
Barbara Everst
13:38 27 Jul 21
Great service, on time and friendly. I love the peace of mind from the regular maintenance for my air conditioner and will ask for Tom again next time
Lou Stahl
Lou Stahl
19:22 26 Jul 21
I had a leaky faucet and, because our regular plumber was out of town, called Hobaica because they have serviced our AC/heating units for years and I knew I could trust them to do plumbing work, too. Ryan Waters came over in just a couple of hours and quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. I would recommend him to anybody who needs an honest and efficient plumber.
Mark Rafferty
Mark Rafferty
17:53 26 Jul 21
Melissa in scheduling was FANTASTIC! She was very knowledgable and experience on how to get your Technicians out to our house that had no AC! Melissa and Hobaica are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Your Technician Jacey M was FANTASTIC! Very knowledgeable about the issues at hand and how to fix properly. He and Hobaica are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A+++
Ronald Rhoades
Ronald Rhoades
09:02 26 Jul 21
I quote Rev Rick Lewis at his request to relay the following information:I want to thank Scott Dale and Hobaica for outstanding service on my ac repair. Scott was veryProfessional,knowledgeable and pleasant. The job was completed in a very timely fashion and IAm very happy to commend both Scott and Hobaica, Thank you! Rick Lewis, Phx AzI Ronald Rhoades did have similar AC problem that Scott Dale fixed on short notice on a hot 115 and referred him to Rev Lewis when he called me about his AC outage. Thanks again to Scott and Hobaica service!
Steve DISC
Steve DISC
19:50 24 Jul 21
Scott Dale was johnny-on-the-spot (weekend service!) and diligent in attempting to find a freak leak from the A/C return duct inside the house. It occurred during the strong monsoonal activity in Phoenix during the month of July and he diagnosed that it was probably condensation on the return duct in the attic from humidity that then ran down the duct to the return register in the house. No problems found. Great work and very professional service from Scott!

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