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We Won! Hobaica Wins Contractor of the Year!

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 Learn More About This Incredible Honor and What It Means To Us

It’s been a great month for the Hobaica Services team. We are very proud to announce that we are the winner of the Contractor of the Year Award from Service Nation! This is one of the highest accolades we have ever won and we are honored to have been considered. 

Now, chances are you probably don’t know much about Service Nation and why this award is such a big deal - unless, of course, you are in the home services industry. We are happy to share what the Service Nation organization stands for, what this award means to us and how our customers are truly to thank for this honor. 

What Is Service Nation?

Service Nation is one of the top best-practice service groups in the country. They are the largest private contracting group with over 5,000 member companies. Founded in 2002, their mission is to help service contractors across the country. They help guide all sizes of companies, from the small, one truck plumber all the way up to the large, regional electrician. They provide training, events, mentor groups and a number of other opportunities for a contractor to learn, grow and improve. 

What Is The Contractor Of The Year Award?

The Contractor of the Year Award is granted to one of the over 5,000 member companies in the Service Nation family. This company embodies the values of this trade group, including best practices and company culture, how you represent your industry, who gives the most back to their community, how you assist other contractors, how you market, grow and make a profit and who operates the best company with the best team. 

Clearly, it’s not an award given lightly. The winner is determined by a vote of the other contractors in the organization. Being nominated by our peers makes winning this award even more impactful to us.

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What Does This Award Mean To Us?

We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded Contractor of the Year! This award is such a great honor and helps justify everything extra we do in order to be the best home service provider we can be for our clients. Lou Hobaica, president of Hobaica Services, says it’s a great honor to be recognized in this category. “This award means so much to us because we just love what we do. We love the trade, our customers and supporting each other. Our team works so hard and they give 100% every day. It’s nice to have this award to recognize everyone’s sacrifices and hard work.” 

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Lou credits everyone on his team for earning this award, as well as everyone not officially on the team. “A lot of recognition needs to go to our team’s families. They sacrifice a lot in the support of their spouse, parent or partner in their hard work and dedication to their trade.” Lou, in particular, gives special thanks to his wife, Jane Hobaica, for her support over the years. 

Our Exceptional Service - All For You

While it’s very nice to win an award, we get the biggest thrill out of a job well done for our clients. Thank you for choosing us as your home services partner for your cooling, indoor air, electrical and plumbing needs. We are so honored to do what we love to make our Phoenix neighbors comfortable in their homes. Please contact us anytime, day or night, for the expert services you deserve. 

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