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A Custom Designed Wine Cellar For You

A Custom Wine Cellar In Phoenix Installed by Hobaica Services

Why You Should Consider Having a Wine Cellar Installed In Your Phoenix Area Home

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the holidays and the prospect of a new year. As you raise a glass this holiday season, consider making next year’s toast in your own custom-designed wine cellar.

The team at Hobaica Services can work with you on a plan to transform a space in your house. We employ wine cellar technicians proficient in the design and installation of your custom cellar. You may have an unused area of a room that our design team can work with, or perhaps a spot you’ve never realized could work as a new space for a wine cellar. Our experts have created wine cellars ranging from 200 to 2,000 square feet in size. 

If you are a wine connoisseur and have not considered this type of addition to your Phoenix area home, it may be something to explore. There are a number of reasons why your own cellar may be just the solution you’re looking for this holiday season. 

Benefits of Having Your Own Wine Cellar

Taste - Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts know how much of an impact storing a bottle of wine properly can have on the taste of the wine. Keeping a bottle of your favorite vintage at the proper temperature, stored the right way, is essential to its enjoyment. 

Spoilage Prevention - A wine cellar helps stop any possible spoilage from occurring. In hot, humid or bright areas, the chances for a bottle of wine to go bad are drastically increased. Even a small temperature spike can ruin a bottle.

In addition, the proper storage helps protect the cork in the bottle. Any damage to the cork can cause the wine to oxidize and become undrinkable. 

Creating the Perfect Cellar Atmosphere

What features would be nice for your custom wine cellar? When it comes down to it, it’s all about the atmosphere. 

Custom Cabinetry & Wooden Racks - In order to store wine properly, cool air needs to be able to circulate. Wooden racks and custom cabinets are beautiful additions to your cellar that also allow air to flow, chilling your bottles to the ideal temperature. 

Wine Wall - If space is limited, a wine wall may work for your home. Wine walls are climate controlled and can beautifully display your wine with the right shelving and lighting. 

Prep Areas - How do you want your space to be used? Many enthusiasts set up an area for opening, pouring and serving wine right there in the cellar. 

Cooling Systems - When storing wine, the most important things to consider are the temperature and humidity. A cooling system for your wine cellar will create the ideal wine storing conditions, with temperatures between 45 - 64 degrees and humidity levels of between 50 - 70 percent. 

The Added Value of Adding a Wine Cellar

If wine is your passion, a wine cellar in your home may be more of an investment than you’ve realized. 

Buy In Bulk - When you have the room to properly store wine in your home, it allows you the option of buying in bulk, which can save you money. 

Wines Appreciate - As fine wines age, they can appreciate in value, providing a nice investment opportunity. However, potential buyers may not be interested if a bottle of wine was not adequately stored. 

Adds Value To Your Home - An expertly designed and installed wine cellar brings much enjoyment to a homeowner and can help pay for itself in added value to the home. The wow factor that a wine cellar provides may be the deciding factor to a prospective buyer. 

Consult With the Wine Cellar Experts at Hobaica

In our years of designing and installing wine cellars in this area, we’ve learned that while there are many reasons someone may have gotten a wine cellar, there’s one thing that trumps them all: Bringing people together. Enjoying a bottle of wine with friends, family and neighbors is the best part by far. 

If you are interested in learning more about having a wine cellar installed in your home, connect with the team at Hobaica Services. Our wine cellar professionals will be happy to provide you with a custom design for your Phoenix area home. 

We also can repair and maintain your existing wine cellar. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing any wine cellar issue. We can also replace any wine equipment parts you may need. And to ensure your cellar is operating properly and cooling your valuable bottles, we are here to provide maintenance on your cellar. 

A toast to you and yours this holiday season! 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Hobaica Services team!


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scott agran
05:53 16 Nov 21
Binh is a wonderful person and a great representative of his company. Excellent communicator, honest and hard worker
Linda Wendell
Linda Wendell
21:53 15 Nov 21
We were very happy with the service provided by Ryan Waters and his team.
Allan Smolko
Allan Smolko
04:06 13 Nov 21
They were great!
Vander Shanholt
Vander Shanholt
01:03 13 Nov 21
Scott was incredibly friendly and repaired our upstairs heat in short order
Barbara Myers
Barbara Myers
23:26 12 Nov 21
11/12/2021 - Another great Hobiaca experience - thanks for sending Justin Driver to service my HVAC and complete the water heater repair. Great service and very professional. Thank you HobiacaHobaica thank you for always sending the best in the business - Ryan Waters was so nice and professional. I really think your team sets the example for others in knowledge of your products and services you provide. Thank you!!
Diane Stouffer
Diane Stouffer
16:57 12 Nov 21
Binh Tran was great! He replaced the capacitor on our AC unit before we had an issue w the motor. He was courteous and professional. Thank you, Binh!
Cindy Fischer
Cindy Fischer
01:42 12 Nov 21
Ryan, Dylan& John were awesome. Professional, personable , on-time & dependable. Thx guys
Marc Jouandet
Marc Jouandet
23:36 11 Nov 21
Scott came by today to perform routine maintenance on our air conditioners. He discovered one of the capacitors to be failing & was able to replace it quickly & efficiently. Now I can get through the summer without worries. Thanks Scott!
Jack Guzman
Jack Guzman
22:13 11 Nov 21
Hello, just a little note to tell you how great our Technicians were today.Ivan and Troy showed up a little ahead of schedule, met with us, checked out the work areas and got right to work. And they did a fantastic job! I thought I was going to hear all kinds of banging and all kinds of noise but instead it was just a little bit of noise and the cool sound of Ivan whistling... reminded me of my Dad, he always whistled to, it was great.Troy was also quietly working outside.Upon completion of the work Troy and Ivan showed us their work and how the new thermostat worked.They did a great job with the installation, very professional work! I've seen a few air conditioning/furnace installations over the years when building homes with my dad and cousin...and these two technicians (Ivan and Troy) are obviously very good at what they do, and very good with the customer service experience they exhibited to us!!And personally I think they both definitely deserve a raise!!! And no, they didn't ask me to say this, LOL. It's obvious they're humble guys that would never ask for something like this, but they definitely deserve a minimum some fantastic kudos to some great Hobiaca Technicians!Kudos to Ivan and Troy for a job very well done!Thank you,Jack and Jackie Guzman11/11/2021

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