Monsoon Storms Can Result In Costly AC Repairs

It’s monsoon season here in Phoenix and that means the threat of damage to your home, AC unit and electronics is real! Our monsoons bring rain, strong winds, severe dust storms and electrical issues that can easily leave you and your family in a difficult spot without…AC and possibly electricity! On top of that, power surges from storms can also cause costly damage to your AC unit and electronics in your home! 

But you won’t have to worry if you plan ahead with an AC Tune-Up and Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection from the Hobaica team:

Prevention Protects Your AC From Breakdowns

Haboobs, or dust storms, appear out of nowhere this time of year which bring strong winds, dust clouds, rain and humidity that can really take a toll on your entire home, your AC and compromise your family’s safety. But an AC maintenance will help keep your AC in good order so your family won’t be stuck in a hot, miserable house. Here’s what we recommend:

  • The number 1 reason HVAC systems fail is typically due to electrical problems. We will check the entire electrical system in your AC system including all motors, controls, switches, contacts, fuses, breakers and electrical connections to make sure all is in good order so your AC will be reliable during our extreme weather conditions. Dirty air filters are another typical cause of AC failures. We’ll check your filter, replace it as needed and provide any recommendations for more effective filtration and improving the quality of your air.
  • Monsoon season stirs up lots of wind, rain and dust which can easily cause your AC to fail. We’ll check your entire AC unit, clean the coils and remove any debris so that your AC system can properly breathe and work at peak efficiency.

Humidity & High Temperatures Bring More Threats to Your AC…

We’re usually around 10% to 15% humidity in our desert environment, but monsoon season can bring humidity levels that can exceed 50%. As temperatures exceed 110 degrees in this higher humidity, your AC system will struggle since it will need to run nearly non-stop to keep you and your family cool. These conditions can lead to serious problems like:

  • Frozen Coils. If your system has a small refrigerant leak with the higher temperatures and humidity, it will force your system to run non-stop which can lead to the indoor coil becoming completely covered with ice, stopping all air flow which will cause your AC to fail. We will inspect your system for any refrigerant leaks, locate them if any and provide our recommendations that best fit your needs.
  • Drain Line Blockage. Your AC will create more condensation the longer it runs. Condensation from your AC coil travels through the drain line. However, if it’s clogged, the water has nowhere to go, causing your AC to possibly shut down if it has automatic safety protection from flooding. A shutdown means no cool air for your family! Even worse, if your AC does not have condensate safety protection to trigger a shutdown, water can leak into your home and cause some serious damage. If your air handler is inside your home, water leakage can cause damage to your floor & walls and if it is in your attic, your ceiling may possibly cave in which I guarantee is no fun. 

During our AC maintenance we’ll test your entire condensate system and make sure it is operating properly. We’ll also verify the status of your existing condensate safety devices, check that they are operating properly and recommend any additional if needed. And while we’re there doing an AC inspection and maintenance, we’ll also provide you a Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection free of charge! 

Power Surges Can Cause Serious Damage As Well

This is why taking advantage of our Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection is such a life saver! Our summer storms can cause electrical surges and power outages that can create havoc with your AC, computers, televisions, appliances and possibly shut down your entire home! We recommend a Whole House Surge Protector on your main electrical panel that will protect all of the connected appliances within your home. Now, your AC unit is a bit different because it uses so much electricity. We recommend installing a dedicated AC surge protector device to properly protect your unit from power surges.  When we complete a Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection, we’re going to verify your entire home electrical system is safe & in good order including:

  • The electrical to your appliances
  • The GFI receptacles throughout your home
  • Your main electrical panel including the circuit breakers
  • The electrical wiring, junction boxes and any connections in your attic
  • And any electrical wiring, connections, fuse boxes, pool equipment outside of your home

Our Complimentary Whole Home Electrical Inspection will provide you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe and give you one less thing to worry about!

Hobaica Keeps You And Your Family Safe At Home From Our Extreme Monsoon Weather!

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