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Did We Mention, Change Your Air Filters . . . Regularly!

Probably the most overlooked, under tracked and yet simplest home maintenance task most of us have to do.  As a busy homeowner, one’s day is filled with important things to do.  One task that can easily be overlooked when one is already busy is checking the air conditioner filters.  Even though it is easy to overlook, it is important to check and replace your air filters regularly.

A filter that is dirty can be costly.  It reduces energy efficiency and home comfort as well as the life expectancy of the cooling system.  Consider the following three reasons to check and replace air filters when they look dirty.

Replace Your Air Filters to Save Energy

Dirty air filters waste energy.  They slow the air flow through the HVAC system, forcing the unit to work much harder than it needs to work.  As a result, occupants of the home pay more for electric bills.

Replace Your Air Filters to Prevent Costly Maintenance

One of the primary purposes of the air filter is to protect the cooling equipment.  When air conditioners are put under added stress due to a clogged filter, they are more likely they will suffer expensive breakdowns.  Habitually neglecting filters can cause the system to die prematurely, requiring you to make an expensive replacement.

Replace Your Air Filters to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The clean filter is essential to better indoor air quality.  Clogged filters stop catching particulate material.  These materials begin to collect on the cooling coils, in duct work and circulate through the air, which can make respiratory problems even worse.  Clean air filters help to control the number of allergens in one’s home.

In order to check the filter, remove it from the unit and hold it to sunlight.  If light is not visible through the material it is time to replace your air filters.  The system owner’s manual or your HVAC contractor can recommend the correct filter to use.  In general, a filter offering a mid-range MERV rating provides sufficient removal of particulate materials.

So did we mention, change your filters? Call the Comfort Specialists at Hobaica Services to help you keep your filters clean, your air quality fresh and your day bright.

Hobaica Services has been serving Arizona since 1952 and has a stellar reputation for performing above industry standards, providing a worry free experience and enjoying hundreds of referrals every month from customers who have trusted our team for over 60 years.

Contact Hobaica Services today for your Comfort Evaluation @ or 602-995-0387

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