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Choosing an HVAC Contractor: It’s an Interview, not a crap shoot

Crap Shoot

Choosing a contractor, who won’t leave you with an empty wallet and a head ache isn’t a crap shoot; it’s simply an interview process.  And the due diligence falls on you, the consumer. Even if a company was referred to you by a trusted friend, it’s worth the 10-15 minutes of time to do a few checks before picking up the phone to schedule service. In the case of HVAC contractors, checks are fairly simple and one might be surprised what you find out when you take the time.

Before engaging with any contractor, always check with your local BBB to see if they have unresolved complaints or are even registered.  Phoenix has some 600 HVAC contractors of various sizes, experience, and history. Many are outstanding, ethical and dependable.  And some are notorious for upset, poor service and a history of complaints.  How do you know, who is who in the Phoenix HVAC world? Check with the BBB for reviews and complaints.  It’s easy to figure out who the BBB gives their top ratings to.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America, a nationwide trade association, is committed to technical excellence.  Membership of this association includes HVAC technical schools, manufacturers and contractors. HVAC companies who maintain membership in the ACCA show their support and commitment to industry standards, regulations and the desire to keep their company current on the latest training and legislation.

The ROC controls, contractor licensing, quality control and oversight. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also helps resolve issues and provide compensation to consumers in complaint matters.  It’s not enough for the contractor to simply provide you with their number as proof of their ROC compliance.  Make sure your HVAC contractor carries a license for Residential Air Conditioning.  Be aware of contractor who has only one license, yet provides many different contracting services.  In general, each service, such as electrical, solar, commercial, construction etc. requires a separate license.

Electric League of Arizona is a non-profit trade association which represents the Electrical, Air Conditioning, Heating, Solar and Energy Industries in Arizona. This is another source see the companies’ involvement in the industry and their ability to further their knowledge and services standards.

Hobaica Services has been serving Arizona since 1952 and has a stellar reputation for performing above industry standards, providing a worry free experience and enjoying hundreds of referrals every month from customers who have trusted our team for over 60 years.

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