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CONSUMER ALERT: HVAC Awareness for Home Buyers

Buying a new home can be an exciting time of life.  While it is likely that eventually the home will need to be inspected and mechanical equipment evaluated to finalize financing, the following items may indicate problems with the new home HVAC system.

Potential New Home HVAC Problems — Noises

An odd noise in any mechanical equipment is often an indicator of a problem.  With the HVAC system the odd noise might mean one of many different problems.  Some are easy repairs, while others may indicate a need to replace an entire part or even the entire system.  A rattling noise might be a loose screw that requires tightening.  Or it could indicate issues with the compressor or a bad motor.  As a buyer, you should insist the rattle or other odd noise be addressed by a professional HVAC technician before making a final decision.

Potential New Home HVAC Problems — Cycling

Units that cycle excessively or are constantly starting and stopping may just have a problem with the thermostat or it might also be low on coolant.  Regardless of the cause of cycling, it places additional stress on the air conditioning system and can lead to the need for repair or replacement.  The cause of cycling should be addressed by a professional before closing on the home.

Potential New Home HVAC Problems — Odor

When an AC system creates an unusual odor, either inside or outside the home, it is definitely a cause for concern.  Odors can be a simple dirty air filter, a clogged drain line or contamination of the evaporator or condenser. Odors can cause headaches and flare up allergies, making the environment very uncomfortable for anyone living or visiting there.  If the odor is musty, it could indicate mold growing in the ventilation system.  Mold is associated with several health issues for home occupants.  The cause of the odor should be diagnosed, documented and eliminated by a qualified professional.

Potential New Home HVAC Problems — Puddles

One of the byproducts of cooling the air is the condensation of water.  The water drips in a pan and drains by gravity or a pump.  Water puddles could indicate a plugged drain line or a failed pump.  Fortunately of the many things to look for, a water puddle is usually an easy fix, but should be addressed none the less before making that final offer on a property.

Do you have questions about your AC System or the system in a home you are considering buying? The comfort specialists at Hobaica Services are ready to help.  Follow us on Facebook for regular updates, consumer information and general fun stuff for every Home Owner.

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