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Four Key Elements Required for New AC Installation

Selecting the right new AC installation requires much more than simply choosing the correct equipment and an expert in installation.  Quality air conditioning installation requires the contractor follow many steps.  If any of these steps are neglected, the new system will not live up to the homeowner’s expectations.

1.  Sizing for New AC Installation

One of the primary issues in selecting the correct air conditioning system is sizing.  Improperly sized systems will not provide the efficiency desired.  Systems that are sized larger than necessary for the home cost the homeowner more in initial investment.  In addition, the unit that is too large tends to cycle too frequently.  As a result, stress is placed on the internal components and the life span of the system is decreased.  For correct sizing, ensure the contractor consults the method that has become the industry standard, Manual J.

2.  Ductwork for New AC Installation

Ducts that leak leave the home less comfortable than it could be and causes the system to use additional energy.  If the existing ductwork is to be used with the new AC installation, the contractor must evaluate the complete duct system.  Any leaks should be identified and problem areas addressed.  Leaks should be sealed using an aerosol-based sealant, mastic and webbing or with metal tape to seal leaks and minimize air leakage.

3.  Refrigerant in a New AC Installation

Systems must be charged with the correct amount of refrigerant in order to perform correctly.  The efficiency of the compressor can drop by 20% with an incorrect charge due to increased compressor operating pressure.  The incorrect charge may lead to expensive repairs.  One of the final checks in a new AC installation should be verifying the refrigerant charge.

4.  Airflow Key to Successful New AC Installation

Another key to consider in new AC installation is the airflow.  The airflow should be set to a level that corresponds to the capacity of the AC unit as well as the ductwork size.  The contractor should test and adjust airflow as needed.

According to Energy Star estimates, the importance of quality new AC installation is shown by optimizing these four factors.  Systems where the factors are optimized operate near 100% efficiency.  However, in systems where the installer did not take time for optimization, efficiency can drop to below 75%, resulting in additional energy consumption for the consumer.

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