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How Much Money Can Regular Sewer And Drain Inspections Save?

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Catch Sewer & Drain Line Problems Early To Save Thousands

Imagine the excitement upon hearing from friends or family saying they will be in town to visit. You get your spare room and bathroom all ready, thinking how nice it will be to have guests staying with you again. The visit goes great - all up until you notice water dripping down from the upstairs guest bathroom which hasn't been used in a few years until now. All of a sudden, instead of enjoying a visit with family or friends, you're scrambling to get the leak taken care of and panicking about the repair bill...

Unfortunately, this story isn't a fairy tale - it happened to one of our clients at Hobaica Services recently. They ended up spending thousands of dollars getting their house repaired after a drain in their guest bathroom stopped working and started leaking.

Fortunately, major problems with drains and sewers can, for the most part, be completely prevented! With regular sewer and drain inspection services, you'll know exactly what's going on with your plumbing system behind the scenes. We'll explore everything you need to know about sewer line and drain inspections so you'll never be caught off guard. What a good feeling, right?

What Is A Sewer And Drain Inspection?

First of all, let's explore what exactly a sewer and drain inspection entails. This essential service is a thorough examination of the condition of your drain pipes and main sewer line. It is done with a specialized camera which allows our techs to explore everywhere water vacates your premises.

When you think about all the ways water leaves your house, it really starts to add up! This camera checks out your pipes from:

  • Kitchen sink drains
  • Bathroom sink drains
  • Shower drains
  • Tub drains
  • Toilets

All the way down to the:

  • Main sewer line

Specialized Cameras Make All The Difference

The cameras we use to inspect the inner workings of your plumbing system are simply extraordinary. They have a few features that are specially designed for this kind of work, including:

Little But Mighty - The cameras are small but powerful. They are attached to the end of a flexible rod that can pretty much run throughout your drain system. Their compact size is quite an advantage and allows your plumbing team to explore your entire piping network and make sure things are flowing well.

Shining Bright - These cameras are also equipped with bright LED lights because, as you can imagine, it's pretty dark in there. These lights reveal any and all imperfections and problems in your drain and sewer lines. 

High-Def - In addition to being able to get in small spaces and shine a bright light, the video quality of the camera is exceptional. With high-definition capabilities, a plumber will be able to see precisely what is going on with your pipes. They can make educated and informed decisions about next steps if any issues come up. And, best of all, they have the ability to show you, the homeowner, those issues as well to keep you informed and in the loop. 

A Pinpointed Location - Finally, these cameras show exactly how far down in your sewer line or drain pipe an issue is present. This allows your technician to focus their work in a certain area to keep any restoration efforts after the fact at a minimum. 

What We May Find In Drains And Sewer Lines

Camera inspections have truly revolutionized the way plumbers work on sewers and drains. In the past, a clog would pop up, or something would back up, and the only solution would be to dig or demolish to get to where a plumber thought the issue may be. And what that issue was, we could never be sure. 

Now cameras show a plumbing team a number of things, including:

  • Clogs or Obstructions - See how bad of a blockage you're dealing with, and if that blockage has caused more extensive damage like cracks or leaks. 
  • Amount of Pipe Scale - Over time your pipes accumulate grease, mineral buildup and rust, which can all lead to major issues. Regular inspections may indicate it's time for a pipe descaling service to prevent a major repair in the future.
  • Cracks and Leaks - Most leaks start small and grow over time. Now you can address tiny leaks and seal them easily instead of waiting until your pipes burst. 
  • Offset Joints - An offset joint in a pipe occurs when the ends of two pipes aren't aligned correctly. Over time, this will likely result in leaks from that junction. A camera inspection will spot this problem so you can address early.
  • Drainage Grade - Depending on how and when your house was built, you may face issues with how your drainage is sloped. A sewer line camera inspection will identify inadequate grading so you can plan for adjustments accordingly. 

How Much An Inspection Can Save You 

Early detection of sewer and drain issues is key to saving money on major plumbing repairs. So let's get down to numbers. 

A sewer and drain camera inspection costs on average between $100 - $500

A pipe descaling service costs on average between $800 - $1,000

A sewer line repair costs on average between $4,000 - $7,000

A sewer line replacement costs on average between $10,000 - $20,000

It's a no-brainer to see that an inspection and descaling are far less expensive than a sewer line repair or replacement. Unfortunately, this type of service check is not on a lot of people's radars and they end up scrambling to fix big messes (and pay big bills). 

How Often You Need A Drain And Sewer Inspection

A good rule of thumb is to regularly schedule a drain and sewer inspection every 5 years. Of course, every house is different so this timetable may differ for you. Those in older homes or houses that, because of where they are located, tend to experience more sewer line backups should probably have inspections done more often. 

In addition, if you buy a new home you should make sure a drain and sewer inspection is completed before you move in. 

Did you know with a Gold Total Care Membership Plan from Hobaica, you'll receive annual drain and sewer line camera inspections annually as part of our service to you? Sign up today!

Schedule An Inspection Today To Save Tomorrow

We hope you've learned a little bit more about sewer and drain camera inspections - a really important preventative home maintenance service that isn't typically on our home's task list. Please connect with our expert team today with any questions about your sewer and drain, or to schedule an inspection. The Hobaica plumbing pros will help you prepare for the unexpected - and save thousands on the way! 

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