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Name the Hobaica Pigeons!

Name Those Birds 1

Our Pigeons Need Your Help - Name Them Today

The Hobaica pigeons have become beloved mascots for our team and company. Although our beginning started as a creative solution to a rather unpleasant problem, these birds have secured a special place in our hearts. They have truly become the mascot for Hobaica Services and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

To officially recognize these pigeons, we need your help. We’ve racked our brains trying to come up with names for our three favorite fowls…. but have failed. Can you help? If you have any ideas for good names for our pigeons, enter our naming contest now! 

June 13th Is National Pigeon Day

We are honored to start our pigeon naming contest on June 13th, which is National Pigeon Day! Did you know that pigeons played a huge role in both World Wars? Before the days of cell phones, communication in war times was difficult and quite risky. The threat of having a letter or radio call intercepted was very real. Back then, our troops and our country relied on the messages flown in from pigeons for vital wartime updates. 

Pigeons were used to deliver messages from the front lines of the war to military headquarters. These messages contained vital information about progress, casualties, strategies and situations that otherwise would have been unknown. Pigeons had to fly through dangerous conditions in order to deliver these messages. They had to fly quickly and accurately to bring the messages to the right place.

WW1 Soldier Carrier Pigeon
American soldier attaching a message to a Signal Corps carrier pigeon. World War I. Ca. 1917-18.

It’s hard to imagine now not having instant news or messages at our fingertips at all times. National Pigeon Day is a way for us to remember and honor these special birds that helped our country through one of its most difficult times. 

The Hobaica Pigeons

We think our pigeons are pretty special too. And we need your help in naming them! The contest runs now through July 13. All you have to do is come up with names for the pigeons and submit them online. If we think your name is a good match for our pigeons, you could win the following:

1st Prize (and Pigeon 1 on Mike’s head)

Two Years of Gold Total Care Club Membership and a UV Light

2nd Prize (and Pigeon 2 on Paul’s head) 

One Year of Gold Total Care Club Membership and a Duct Cleaning Service

3rd Prize (and Pigeon 3 on Lou’s head)

One Year of Gold Total Care Club Membership

You’ll Lika… Hobaica!

To keep tabs on the contest, make sure to follow us on Facebook where we’ll be posting news on the winner.

We can’t wait to see what names you come up with for our pigeons! If you have any questions about the contest please reach out to our team today at 602-633-9555

Thank you for being part of the Hobaica community.

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