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Master Monsoon Season With These Home Protection Tips!

Flooded Phoenix Housing Community

Monsoons Here In Phoenix, AZ Can Be Intimidating - But They Don’t Have To Be

We are in the thick of monsoon season! Every day it seems there’s a chance of a major thunderstorm cropping up and dropping torrents of rain and a barrage of lightning over our beautiful Arizona landscape. Nature’s fury might be beautiful in its own way, but it’s also quite dangerous to your home - particularly your home’s electrical equipment and your heating and air conditioning system. But there are steps you can take to keep your Phoenix, AZ home safe - and Hobaica Services is here to show you how!

Be Ready For Anything A Storm Can Throw At You

You’re not limited to crossing your fingers and hoping everything comes out ok. There are concrete steps you can take that will help your home weather the storm:

  • Shut Off Your AC If Things Get Dicey - Nobody wants to turn off their air conditioner - we understand! Especially since these storms don’t normally come with a temperature drop. But if your power is flickering a lot, doing so is a good idea to protect your AC unit from any electrical damage.
  • Clean Your Yard - Tools, trash, debris - Clear away everything you can. Not only can tools turn into deadly projectiles if the winds get high enough, but the trash and debris can clog up your HVAC unit and cut into its ability to function normally. If debris gets far enough inside your unit, it can cause severe damage as well.
  • Raise Your Unit - This is definitely one for a contractor to handle, but lifting your outdoor AC unit up can keep it safe from flood waters that would otherwise damage it and turn it into an electrical hazard.
    • Surge Protectors Are Key - We aren’t talking about little power strips that claim they protect your XBox. We’re talking robust, whole house surge protection that shields everything that runs on electrical power. Anything plugged into your home’s power system will enjoy the same level of safety when the inevitable monsoon power surge hits.
  • Replace Your Air Filter - A monsoon will play absolute havoc with your HVAC air filters - the dust and other particles it stirs up can quickly overwhelm even the best filter. Best to start the season fresh with a brand new filter.

Check out Lou’s video on the importance of replacing your air filter!

Order filters through our handy online store today! You can order single or multiple filters and get set up for auto-delivery.

Maybe The Most Important Rule - Check Things Out When The Season Is Over

You can’t be expected to know every little thing that might have happened to your HVAC system during monsoon season - that’s why we’re here! It’s an excellent idea to have a thorough maintenance check performed after the storms have passed to diagnose any problems they caused and get them fixed before winter weather arrives. Your friends at Hobaica Services will put your system through its paces and make sure it’s good to go. Connect with us now to schedule your maintenance visit later - message us online or call 602-633-9555 today!

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