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Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Since the attic is not a part of the home normally inhabited, it can easily be ignored.  Many homeowners may not appreciate the need for proper ventilation of the attic.  Solar heat on the roof can cause the space to become very hot.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, the heat is often transferred through the ceiling into the living space, increasing air conditioning load, resulting in increased utility bills and additional wear and tear on the air conditioning unit.  Fortunately, it is possible to correct home ventilation problems to prevent these conditions from occurring.

While correcting home ventilation problems can help to reduce heat buildup in the summer it also helps to prevent premature deterioration of the shingles that protect the home from the elements.  During the winter months, ventilation is essential to prevent buildup of moisture, decreasing the chances of mold or mildew growth.

Since there are serious consequences of ignoring one’s home ventilation problems, homeowners should consider the following:

One efficient method to solve attic ventilation problems is by providing a balance of intake and exhaust vents.  Intake vents can be provided in the soffits with the exhaust vents near the roof ridge.  This arrangement uses a natural chimney effect to draw cooler drier air into the attic while hot moist air is flushed from the exhausts.  As a result, attic air temperatures are stabilized and the moisture problems are solved.

If the home is already equipped with soffit vents take time to ensure they are not blocked.  These frequently overlooked vents can easily be filled with debris and clogged.  In some cases, the vent holes are too small to provide useful ventilation.  This error often occurs during the home’s construction.  A soft, nylon paint brush can be used to scrub the soffit vents clean.  If the vents were blocked, this action can reduce the temperature in the attic significantly.

If the attic ventilation problems continue to exist, installing an attic fan may help.  These fans offer the power to bring large amounts of fresh air into the space, allowing the attic temperatures and humidity to reach equilibrium with the outside air.  As a result, heat transfer from the attic to the remainder of the home is reduced.

Home ventilation problems should be addressed when found.  In some cases, these problems are easy and inexpensive to solve.  Even if more vents must be added, the cost of solving the attic ventilation problems is regained in lower utility bills and certainly less expensive than replacing an HVAC system or having to solve a mold problem in the home.

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Karen Bender
Karen Bender
23:26 01 Jul 22
John and Jared came out today to take a look at my air conditioning unit. I live in a condo where I can’t see my unit but noticed some water dripping from the roof. They weren’t just on time, they were a little early which helped free up the rest of my day.They found that the system was running as it should be and let me know that the water was dripping because the condensation line was disconnected. Super easy fix with a little bit of glue, and they did not create worry where there was none just to add to the bill.As if that wasn’t good enough, they were incredibly nice and easy to talk to. Not nice because it’s required- just really genuine people. I was not expecting to have such an easy and inexpensive experience in Phoenix during hot, muggy monsoon season. Thank you both for making my day!
Jim Adams
Jim Adams
18:54 01 Jul 22
We recently had our air conditioning go out on Tuesday and on Friday a new unit was installed. The service has been fantastic. Could not have asked for a faster more friendly company.Zach and Gio were amazing in getting the unit installed and walking us through the new thermostat.
PHX Keeve
PHX Keeve
22:05 30 Jun 22
Grayson came out and was on time, and very nice. He took extra time to diagnose a potential problem, and even re-secured some wire mesh (to keep birds out) that had been blown off from the wind. He answered all my questions, will do business with hobaica again.
James Borsheim
James Borsheim
21:27 30 Jun 22
In every way possible, extremely professional service. Used since 2008, very pleased.
Joseph Shepard
Joseph Shepard
17:36 29 Jun 22
Grayson was awesome. He called ahead of time to let me know he was on his way and showed up right on time. Completed our AC system checkup and gave me a detailed report on everything. 5+ stars!!
Paula Gierek
Paula Gierek
01:11 29 Jun 22
Dylan thankyou for the great job ,you and Chase did installing a tankless water heater .Appreciate promptness,and courtesy you displayed.Will certainly use your services again .
Rhonda Brown
Rhonda Brown
20:34 25 Jun 22
Dylan was on time and very professiona an courteous He explained everything and didn't mind answering any questions as well as giving me all the options
Alison Busch
Alison Busch
18:21 25 Jun 22
Travis just left and as always, Hobacia's technician did an excellent job. All technicians we have had, have done a great job and we have never had to call back for any reason. We have uaed them for several years and will continue to use for many years to come.
jeff Zacher
jeff Zacher
16:30 25 Jun 22
Dale was amazing, very professional, very thorough.

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