Home is a place where you put your feet up to relax and breathe in plenty of fresh and healthy air. But many homes are filled with polluted air, so here are three of the main air pollutants and ways of dealing with them.

Biological Pollutants

If you have mold growing around your bathroom window you shouldn’t ignore it because it won’t go away. Mildew, mold and pollen are full of spores that affect the quality of the indoor air. We breathe in the so-called fresh air and our lungs are immediately filled with these dangerous pollutants. If you have mildew and mold growing in your home you should buy a powerful ammonia-based cleaner to remove it. If you cannot get rid of the offending mildew and mold you should contact a professional who will ensure that the job is done properly.

Carbon Monoxide

This odorless and colorless gas is lethal. Inhale carbon monoxide and it prevents oxygen from circulating the body. When normal everyday household equipment such as gas heaters or gas stoves fail to work properly it could mean that carbon monoxide is produced. Those who want to make sure that their indoor air quality is as it should be must purchase a carbon monoxide detector. If the carbon monoxide levels get too high the device will sound the alarm and allow you time to evacuate the building.

Radon Pollution

Radon is a natural gas that rises from the soil and dirt that finds it way into cracked drainage pipes or cracked walls. This gas is much like carbon dioxide because it is odorless and colorless. The gas will not kill you instantly but those who inhale radon over a long period of time could develop lung cancer. If you want to be sure that your indoor air quality is good you should invest in a radon detection kit.

Polluted air presents a danger; however, there are various DIY options to ensure your home has clean air. Homeowners who feel that their indoor air may be polluted should always contact a professional.

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