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The Life and Times of Your A/C Unit

The average air conditioning unit life span is 12-15 years. However, air conditioners can have shorter life if not maintained regularly, installed incorrectly or if the unit size is not sized properly for the area it is serving.  And when an A/C unit stops working, it almost always seems to be at a very inconvenient time, like he hottest day of the summer, when the home owner is on their way to an important meeting or when guests are scheduled to arrive at any moment.

It should be noted we have seen many units work great for 15+ years due to a steady routine of regular maintenance and care, which started with a proper installation.

On any given hot day, an A/C is pushed to work at its maximum potential, may overload and stop working. Keep your eye out for any abnormal noises or temperature swings as you’re A/C may stop working.

The first thing to check is the age of you’re A/C. On the side of the unit, find the manufacturer name, model & serial numbers. Do an internet search to find your unit age. If it is older than ten years, the A/C unit may be near the end of its life and require replacement soon.

Another sign is higher humidity in your home.  Your A/C is supposed to remove humidity from the air. If you notice that the house is more humid than usual your A/C may be nearing the end of its life span. Also check around the air conditioner for rust or deterioration. These are additional signs letting you know you may have to replace your air conditioning unit soon.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is a ratio that measures how efficient the air conditioning unit is. Older units will be less efficient than newer units. The unit’s inefficiency will first show as a higher electricity bill. If your electricity bill is higher this summer than it was last summer, the problem could be that you’re A/C is losing its efficiency.

Do not wait for your A/C unit to die out on you. If any of the above signs start showing, I recommend replacing your unit as soon as possible. Then you can treat yourself to a cooler house and lower utility bills.

Call the Comfort Specialists at Hobaica Services to help you determine when you’re A/C might be in need of replacing.

Hobaica Services has been serving Arizona since 1952 and has a stellar reputation for performing above industry standards, providing a worry free experience and enjoying hundreds of referrals every month from customers who have trusted our team for over 60 years.

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