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Variable Speed Air Handler Improves Home Comfort and Reduces Costs

An HVAC system that provides adequate air circulation is vital to the comfort throughout one’s home.  If the system produces adequate cooling or heating, but the air handler cannot distribute the air adequately, occupants cannot remain comfortable and the system wastes money trying to keep up with the demand for “right temperature” air.

Inside the air handler of the HVAC system is a blower that forces the treated air through the ductwork, allowing it to be distributed to the different areas of the home.  The volume of air delivered to the home is determined by the speed of the blower motor.  Most HVAC systems have a single speed motor that delivers a set amount of air to the distribution system.  The speed of the single-speed motor has been set at the factory and offers absolutely no adjustment.  However, there are systems that offer a variable speed air handler that operates at many different speeds, in order to distribute the correct amount of heated or cooled air throughout the home.  As a result, the system operates at greater efficiency than those with the single speed motor.  Consider some of the options often available with a variable speed air handler:

Soft Start:  Soft start allows motors to start at a lower speed that only increases if the demand for heating or cooling is greater than can be met at this speed.  Soft start offer a better choice when outdoor temperature are moderate, such as in the fall and spring, on warmer winter or cooler summer days.

Continuous operation:  With the variable speed air handler, the system is able to operate at the lower speed for a longer time period.  Once the set temperature is reached, it is maintained without the need to cycle the HVAC unit.  In addition to lowering the cost of operation to provide sufficient cooling or heating, a variable speed air handler maintains the proper humidity levels in a home.

The variable speed motor offers several benefits, including:

Lower energy consumption:  The variable speed motors use up to 60% less electricity than single speed motors.

Reduced Utility Bills:  Due to the fact the variable speed air handler uses less energy, the system also costs less to operate.

Increased Comfort:  With a variable speed motor, the changing temperatures outside are accommodated, resulting in a more consistent temperature inside the home.

Increased Performance:  Varying the speed of the motor can reduce wear on it as well as the fan, resulting in a longer lasting system.

Not sure if you have a variable speed air handler or if you need one? Contact Hobaica Services and we canhelp you determine the best solutions to improve your comfort and reduce your utility bills.

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