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Your Programmable Thermostat is One of Your Best Assets to Save Money!

With rising energy costs, most Phoenix residents are taking steps to boost the energy efficiency of their homes.  Some are going as far as to upgrade their HVAC system.  However, one of the most important steps is to replace the old manual thermostat using a programmable model.  Then program your thermostat for the greatest reduction in energy consumption.

If you make this simple switch and program your thermostat properly, it is possible to boost the energy savings even more. Taking a few minutes to learn how to program your thermostat will allow you take advantage of these additional energy savings.

Higher Energy Settings

The program selected should keep the temperatures set at the higher energy saving setting for a minimum of eight hours at a time.  Normally, this is possible during the day when everyone is gone as well as at night while everyone sleeps.  A government study shows that raising the temperature by one degree saves you 1% each year on the cost of energy; however, the savings are lost if the temperature change is not maintained for a minimum of eight hours.

Don’t Override Programmed Settings

Avoid overriding the programmed settings just to get a little more cool air in the home if the day is particularly hot.  All programmable thermostats allow the occupants to temporarily make a temperature adjustment to the desired level.  Once the temperature inside is at the particular comfort level, let the device return to the preset program.  Overrides can result in using a lot of energy and are often avoidable if the owner takes the time to manually condition the home’s air.

Away From Home Settings

When there are plans to be away from home for two or more days when the AC is needed, be sure to program your thermostat to keep the space much warmer than normal.  Make sure that temperatures remain low enough to prevent the growth of mold or other problems caused by a moisture buildup.  If unsure of a safe setting that can still save you money when away from home, talk with an HVAC contractor.

Avoid Going Low

Avoid setting the thermostat at a ridiculously low setting in an attempt to cool the home quicker.  The system will not cool any faster set at 40 degrees than it will set at 75.  You have broke the routine designed to save money.  By planning in advance and taking the time to program your thermostat, you can ensure that cooling bills remain affordable.

While the basic programmable thermostats often work great to reduce the cooling bills, consumers may also want to consider a newer model that offers even more precision control.  A smart thermostat allows you to monitor the comfort system and program your thermostat while away from home, using a computer connected to the internet or even your smart phone.

Do you have questions about your home’s energy usage? The comfort specialists at Hobaica Services are ready to help.

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