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How To Save Money On Your AC This Summer

Family Saves Money on AC

Stay Cool & Comfortable - And Save Money

El Niño is officially here and it is HOT outside! Home AC units are running all day and night to keep families throughout Phoenix cool and comfortable. You’ve probably already had one of those summertime power bills eaten up by air conditioning costs and thought, well, that’s just one of those things. While we can’t change the weather outside, your friendly professional team at Hobaica Services can help save on your energy bills by making your air conditioner run more efficiently. Read on to learn how to save money on your AC this summer - all while keeping cool in your home. 

MONEY SAVING TIP #1 - Change Air Filter

Think of your HVAC system like a plumbing system. Water flows in and out of your home through a network of pipes. When one of those pipes becomes clogged, your system can’t move water throughout your house and things get backed up. Your cooling system operates on a cycle as well, moving air throughout your home. When something blocks the airflow, like a dirty air filter, your AC is not going to work as it should. 

When there is blocked airflow, your system has to work really hard to get and keep your house cool. A blocked filter can cause:

  • Reduced Airflow - You go to feel the cool air coming out of your vents and…. It’s not. A clogged air filter will reduce or completely stop the air from entering back into your home, which makes it feel too warm inside, which makes your system keep working hard. This endless cycle will cost you on your power bill each month. 
  • A Dirty Unit - Before a dirty filter reduces and eventually blocks airflow, a lot of that dust, dirt and dander has found its way into your air conditioning. Your HVAC system operates by moving air throughout a house, but when debris is present it stops it from working at its best and most efficient. 

Here’s some more information on how to choose the best air filter for your AC unit!

Simply changing your air filter every month can make all the difference in the world to your home comfort. Many providers offer filter subscription programs that automatically mail you air filters regularly for your convenience. Our expert team agrees - changing your air filter is the single most important thing you can do for your AC to help keep it running at its most efficient. 

MONEY SAVING TIP #2 - Update Your Thermostat

During the hottest part of the day when you are at work and the kids are at camp, why should your AC be working hard to cool your home when you’re not even there? With a smart thermostat installed by our team, you can make your system run smarter not harder with completely customizable and automatic cooling schedules. 

An updated smart thermostat will allow you to control your AC from anywhere, while you are on the go, with a simple app on your phone…plus it can save you hundreds on your energy bills each year. It’s an easy upgrade that pays for itself.

MONEY SAVING TIP #3 - Check Your Condensate Line

Each air conditioner has a pipe where water is drained referred to as the condensate line. The system pulls moisture from the air from your home to help keep it cooler, draining it through this pipe. Unfortunately, if the line becomes clogged, you risk a hot humid home and a potentially expensive repair bill. You also face higher energy bills after you naturally keep cranking up the air trying to get cooled down. 

Regularly checking the condensate line to make sure it is draining properly is a simple yet effective tip to keep energy costs down. You can easily locate your condensate drain line somewhere on the exterior perimeter wall of your home near the ground.

MONEY SAVING TIP #4 - Create Shade

We all love a great view, but if you have a western-facing window with no blinds or curtains, you risk the afternoon sun baking your home and costing you valuable cool air. Shade from the sun is a great energy-saving method, whether it’s from inside with blinds, drapes and curtains or from outside with trees and bushes

If you do decide to plant some vegetation outside to shade your home, make sure it does not cover up your air conditioning unit with brush. All trees and bushes should be planted far enough away from your system so any limbs or leaves will not block the unit. 

MONEY SAVING TIP #5 - Insulate Your Attic

An incredible amount of climate-controlled air can escape from your house just like that. While gaps in doors and windows can be a hassle, it’s through the attic space where most of a home’s cool air slips out. With blown-in attic insulation, your attic is sealed up to keep valuable air in. When you think about it, the rest of your home is insulated, so why isn’t your attic? 


Feeling cool is the point, right? Rather than reaching a certain temperature on the thermostat, if we are comfortable in our home the setting doesn’t matter as much. With fans, especially ceiling fans, you are kept feeling cool at a higher temperature. Fans can help you keep your thermostat a few degrees higher than you would without their use. And with energy savings, every little degree on your thermostat adds up! Just remember to turn your ceiling or other fans off when not in use to conserve that energy. 

Cool & Comfortable in Phoenix - All Summer Long!

We hope that our HVAC tips can help you save energy and money this summer. Don’t forget we’re here for you in case your air conditioner breaks down or has issues - or if you need a new one. Connect with our team 24/7 for any and all AC concerns at 602-633-9555

Here’s to a safe & eventful summer, from the Most Likeable People You’ll Ever Meet! 

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