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Solar Hot Water – How it Works

Heating water is not cheap. Whether one uses fuel or electricity it costs a lot to heat water. Compared to air, the water is much harder to heat which means higher energy bill. However, users can save lots of money if they use solar hot water technology to heat the water. The sun is a [...]

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Solar Hot Water – Rebates and Tax Credits Galore!!!

Installing solar hot water panels or a solar water heater is probably much more affordable than you think. One of the great things about installing solar powered hot water is the tax credits. There are Federal credits, state credits and other rebates which contribute to the overall savings of going green.   Just a Few [...]

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Solar Hot Water – What Every Consumer Needs to Know!

The hot water system is a regular energy waster and normally goes unnoticed when taking into account methods to preserve energy.  However, it could be the best place to begin saving and improving the value of your home. Below are the top five reasons to consider Solar Hot Water Systems for your home and family. [...]

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Solar Hot Water – The Cleaner, Greener Way to Saving Money!

The use of coal, electricity, gas or wood to heat water at home is neither environment-friendly nor budget-friendly. Many home owners don’t realize that traditional water heating methods account for a substantial part of your home energy costs. However, there is a cleaner, greener and cost-efficient option to heat water and achieve big energy savings [...]

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