Laundry – A Cleaner Way

The Only Environmentally Friendly Laundry System That Functions Without the Use of Detergent If there was just one easy switch you could make in your home to pay mind to skin allergies, removing harsh chemicals from your life, AND the health of the environment, would you make it? People have been doing [...]

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Helping the Homeless – One Bag at a Time

Our Contribution to the Phoenix Homeless Community Homelessness in Phoenix, AZ Approximately one out of every 184 Arizonans are homeless. With as much as 30% of those being children and teens, the problem is especially troubling. The homeless are at a much higher risk for: Serious health complications, including malnutrition, tuberculosis [...]

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Hobaica Services Community Involvement – Phoenix AZ

Hobaica Supports Providence Rebuild 2016 Recently Hobaica Services, Inc. participated in an important community service project called Providence Rebuild 2016. In cooperation with other local Phoenix businesses, Hobaica donated both time and materials to rebuild The Providence House of Refuge. This house is a temporary home for a homeless mother and her children, getting them [...]

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The History of Hobaica

Who is Hobaica? If you are familiar with Hobaica, then you know that we are a company you can trust to meet your heating and cooling needs. You also know that our company has been around for quite a while, and our mission is to provide uncompromising quality and service. But do you know [...]

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Hobaica Services Sponsors Clarendon Little League

Play Ball! Hobaica Services helped to make that possible for many children in Phoenix community by sponsoring the Blue Diamondbacks in the Clarendon Little League this past season. While the Arizona Diamondbacks were a leading league sponsor, Hobaica’s contributing sponsorship helped to purchase the necessary equipment for this machine pitch level team. The Blue [...]

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Service with a Smile, and a Red Nose!

On May 26th of this year Hobaica employees provided our usual customer service with a smile...and a very unusual  red nose! We participated in National Red Nose Day by donning red noses to help raise money for children living in poverty. Red Nose Day is both a fundraiser and a funraiser, as the results are [...]

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Customer Service – Extra Sweet!

When customers hire Hobaica for HVAC service, they expect a knowledgeable technician to arrive at their door and perform the service in an efficient, respectful manner. But during a recent service call, one of our technicians took the company mission statement - “treat others how you want to be treated” to a whole new level. [...]

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Efficient Heating and Cooling for Phoenix Homeowners

Let's look at some tips to make your heating and cooling system run efficiently. Some homeowners in the Southwest have gone green to save money. But there are various ways of running heating and cooling systems efficiently. Take note of these useful cooling and heating tips and you could see savings on your annual utility [...]

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Talking about indoor air pollutants

Home is a place where you put your feet up to relax and breathe in plenty of fresh and healthy air. But many homes are filled with polluted air, so here are three of the main air pollutants and ways of dealing with them. Biological Pollutants If you have mold growing around your bathroom window [...]

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Tame Runaway Power Bills With Tight Ductwork

Air ducts are used in forced air cooling and heating systems to supply conditioned air into a building. The ductwork is usually hidden in basements, attics, ceiling and inside the walls, which makes it almost impossible for the average person to notice any air leaks. When heated or cooled air leaks, not only will your [...]

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