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Category: Heat Pumps

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Prep For The Summer Heat That’s Coming Our Way
Is Your Home Ready For 100 Degrees Outside? Summer is just about here and the thermometer outside shows it! It’s already getting hot out, which…
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The Lifespan of Heat Pumps
Many homeowners in Phoenix have a heat pump for their swimming pool. This type of unit keeps the water at a comfortable temperature for swimming.…
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Small drips can create big problems
Is your Air Conditioning leaking water again? AC drips are an indicator of a clogged drain line, and could mean a serious underlying issue.  A…
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Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps
Call Hobaica To Find Out If A Ductless System Is Right For You Have you been considering a ductless mini split heat pump? Hobaica recommends…
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Troubleshooting Your Heating System
At one time or another troubleshooting your heating systems is a necessity. If you are having a problem with your heating system, try the simple…
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Cooling and Heating Load: Important Before You Upgrade
If you’re thinking about an HVAC upgrade, it’s wise to examine your home’s cooling and heating load. When you do, you’ll get the maximum value…
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Heat Pump Upgrade: Pros and Cons
Have you ever considered upgrading your comfort system by adding a heat pump? Heat pumps, especially a high-efficiency heat pump, are a smart choice for…
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