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26 04, 2018

Plumbing System Maintenance

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Prevent Expensive Plumbing Issues With Inspection & Water Heater Flush It’s easy to forget how much your home’s plumbing system works for you day in and day out. From washing dishes, cleaning clothes and bathing to having clean cooking and drinking water, reliably flowing water is a necessity. A disruption in flow [...]

20 05, 2013

Mini Splits Make Significant Advances with Inverter Technology

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Ductless mini split air conditioning units are now creating waves in the U.S. marketplace, although the technology has been in existence for some time. Despite the technological advances in the quality and cost associated with equipment utilized in the heating and cooling industries, in both residences and commercial organizations, these mini split units are still [...]

10 01, 2013

Technicians with NATE Certification get the job Done Right First Time

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The comfort systems in your home --- heating, cooling, air cleaning and ventilating --- require a significant investment. Nowadays, home comfort systems are extremely sophisticated, in contrast to their predecessors of several decades ago. Most residents are dependent on at least one of these systems each day. And with anything that can impact the comfort [...]

27 07, 2012

Two Stage Compressor Improves Home Comfort

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Air conditioning systems that are used today can provide homeowners with a large selection of features to improve energy efficiency along with home comfort.  New improvements include everything from check filter lights to thermal expansion valves.  However, one innovation many find to be useful is the dual stage compressor. Use of the traditional compressor, which [...]

27 07, 2012

Save Money While On Vacation

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Summer vacations offer a great way to leave the problems of everyday life and relax, but the expenses can add up quickly.  The travel expense, vacation rental and eating out at restaurants make the vacation an expensive proposition.  In order to give you the most cash for vacation, take some steps to make sure your [...]

30 05, 2012

No Duct Tape Allowed!

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A comfortable home has an efficient system for heating and cooling the air. Unfortunately, a recent report from the US government’s Energy Star Program indicates that the duct systems in typical American homes lose 20 percent of air moving through them. This is due to leaking duct work that was poorly installed or has deteriorated [...]

17 08, 2011

Affordable Comfort

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When it comes to heating or cooling our home, we all want the biggest bang for our buck. Here in the Valley of the Sun, efficiency is the key to striking a balance between comfort and savings. Hobaica Services suggests the following tips to keep your system operating at its peak: Set the thermostat properly- [...]

9 08, 2011

Preventative Maintenance for Your Home Air Conditioning System

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Fact- preventative maintenance can save money and keep your system running efficiently. Regular maintenance also helps you avoid costly breakdowns. Who wants to be without AC during Monsoon season in Phoenix? When your unit is not performing at its peak, it can result in a home that has warm spots-causing your air conditioning unit to [...]

19 07, 2011

We care about Your Carbon Footprint

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Most folks are familiar with the air conditioning refrigerant called Freon, also known as R-22 as it’s called by insiders.  For many years there simply wasn’t information on the harmful effects of Freon and it was widely used through the 1990s by most HVAC companies.  Freon produces a chlorine gas that contributes to ozone depletion, [...]

13 07, 2011

Is Your Duct Work Leaking Money?

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Leaking ducts can cause a system to loose up to 20% of air or heat, and compromise air quality by allowing dust, allergens and other particulates to circulate throughout your home. Duct sealing saves you money by allowing your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently. In addition to saving energy, sealing ducts improves [...]

21 06, 2011

Consumer Alert: What You Need to Know BEFORE You Purchase a New System

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Three major challenges when purchasing a new air conditioning or heating system are: Choosing a system that will provide optimal levels of cooling or heating. Purchasing a system that is energy efficient and dependable. Selecting a certified professional to install your new system. Let’s examine a few installation guidelines which will ensure your new equipment [...]

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