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19 12, 2011


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It is a common notion among consumers that credentials and training certifications are just an excuse for a contractor to charge premium prices for their services. Not true. Proper credentialing insures customers they have qualified technicians working on their comfort system.  Additionally, certifications afford a level of security when allowing technicians access to your home. [...]

7 11, 2011

Join Our Team in Giving BACK!

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Hobaica services is installing FREE Air Conditioning Systems for 8 families in need during November and December 2011 WAYS TO BEGIN GETTING INVOLVED! 1. Nominate a family in need of a new cooling & heating system. Visit for the nomination form. 2. Help us get the word out to collect nominations. Tell everyone to [...]

7 11, 2011

What is the Contractor of the Year Award?

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  From by Terry McIver, executive editor The Contractor of the Year represents an elite group: a forward-thinking class of HVAC contractors who are dynamic and professional in every aspect of their business. They constantly seek new ways to improve their businesses through quality contracting, and they strive to maintain the highest levels [...]

25 10, 2011

Air Conditioning Unit Yearly Maintenance

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 Proper care of your home’s heating /cooling system is essential for your comfort. Preventive maintenance is important for the life of the equipment and energy savings.  We all know that saving energy equals saving money, right? It’s a win-win situation. As the homeowner, you save energy, time and—money. But you also extend the life of [...]

18 09, 2011

Top-Ten Tips for Controlling Allergies in Your Home

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Maintaining a healthy home goes beyond managing the temperature inside—especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses. Controlling allergies in your home is directly related to the air you breathe. At Hobaica Services, we believe that maintaining your home’s indoor air quality is the best place to start in the war against allergies. Here [...]

22 08, 2011

The Super Seven Must Haves of a Comfortable Home

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Our home comfort systems are essential to our comfort year round.  So what are the critical components to look for in a new system, when yours goes to the great hereafter?  Let’s take a look. Efficiency – it is important to choose a system based on the size of your home. Your comfort specialists at [...]

17 08, 2011

Affordable Comfort

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When it comes to heating or cooling our home, we all want the biggest bang for our buck. Here in the Valley of the Sun, efficiency is the key to striking a balance between comfort and savings. Hobaica Services suggests the following tips to keep your system operating at its peak: Set the thermostat properly- [...]

19 07, 2011

We care about Your Carbon Footprint

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Most folks are familiar with the air conditioning refrigerant called Freon, also known as R-22 as it’s called by insiders.  For many years there simply wasn’t information on the harmful effects of Freon and it was widely used through the 1990s by most HVAC companies.  Freon produces a chlorine gas that contributes to ozone depletion, [...]

13 07, 2011

Is Your Duct Work Leaking Money?

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Leaking ducts can cause a system to loose up to 20% of air or heat, and compromise air quality by allowing dust, allergens and other particulates to circulate throughout your home. Duct sealing saves you money by allowing your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently. In addition to saving energy, sealing ducts improves [...]

6 07, 2011

It Pays to be a Smart Consumer!

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When it comes to HVAC terms and knowledge, there’s a lot of information in cyberspace and on TV and radio. It’s hard to know what terms matter most.  After all, not every Arizona homeowner wants to become a certified comfort specialist.  Hobaica Services understands this and suggests every home owner learn just three HVAC terms [...]

25 06, 2011

Indoor Air Quality and Your Family’s Health

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Indoor air quality is not something we think about on a daily basis - but maybe we should.  The air quality in your home is vital to maintaining good health for your family.  According to the World Health Organization, indoor pollutants cause asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. Common indoor pollutants include: Dust mites Pet dander [...]

21 06, 2011

Consumer Alert: What You Need to Know BEFORE You Purchase a New System

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Three major challenges when purchasing a new air conditioning or heating system are: Choosing a system that will provide optimal levels of cooling or heating. Purchasing a system that is energy efficient and dependable. Selecting a certified professional to install your new system. Let’s examine a few installation guidelines which will ensure your new equipment [...]

14 04, 2011

Simple Steps to Save You Money!

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Use an automatic setback thermostat!  If you keep your temperature at 78° when you’re at home, and then 85° when you’re not. You will save money.  Each degree offset saves you 2-3 percent of your utility bill. Consider sun control for your windows!  Windows waste the most energy in your home.  Solar screens or sun [...]

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