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21 05, 2020

How To Avoid AC Problems & Stress This Summer

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Use Our Tips To Avoid A Stressful AC BreakdownSummer in Phoenix means temperatures will easily reach 100° plus! With more time at home, staying comfy only becomes more important - so take advantage of our tips that help you avoid an AC problem. To enjoy even more peace-of-mind, have one of our certified professionals take [...]

6 05, 2020

Prevent Costly AC Repairs As Temperatures Soar!

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For All Your Family’s Home Comfort & Safety, Hobaica Is Here As we continue to spend more time at home, the Hobaica team wants to remind you that whenever you have a home comfort issue, whether it’s AC, plumbing, electrical, indoor air quality or security related, our friendly team is just a phone call [...]

16 10, 2019

How To Prep For Great Memories This Holiday Season

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Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For The Extra People! Holidays are coming up quick and you know what that means...relatives over for special dinners, friends gathering around to have a drink, your kids and their friends using your home as a base for trick-or-treating adventures. No matter what, good memories are ready to [...]

6 02, 2019

Crucial Comfort Services

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4 Services You Shouldn’t Neglect This Spring Check out these four comfort services you should never ignore, and make sure your system is functioning as efficiently as possible. 1. Indoor Air Quality Did you know that your home’s air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air? In [...]

2 11, 2018

Ways To Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

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Keep Your Family Happy & Healthy This Holiday Season With Hobaica Services! Welcome to November and the official start of the holiday season! It’s time for sugar skulls and tamales, turkeys and feasting, menorahs and gefiltefish, tiny reindeer and candy canes—and countless other holidays and traditions. There are over 50 religious and secular [...]

27 07, 2018

One Bag At A Time: One Year Later

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One Bag At A Time: One Year Later It’s been a little over a year now since our last “One Bag At A Time” blog post, so we wanted to take a moment today to provide an update on our fight against homelessness in the Phoenix, Arizona area! Thank you [...]

22 03, 2014

Talking about indoor air pollutants

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Home is a place where you put your feet up to relax and breathe in plenty of fresh and healthy air. But many homes are filled with polluted air, so here are three of the main air pollutants and ways of dealing with them. Biological Pollutants If you have mold growing around your bathroom window [...]

19 02, 2014

Tame Runaway Power Bills With Tight Ductwork

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Air ducts are used in forced air cooling and heating systems to supply conditioned air into a building. The ductwork is usually hidden in basements, attics, ceiling and inside the walls, which makes it almost impossible for the average person to notice any air leaks. When heated or cooled air leaks, not only will your [...]

15 01, 2014

The Lifespan of Heat Pumps

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Many homeowners in Phoenix have a heat pump for their swimming pool. This type of unit keeps the water at a comfortable temperature for swimming. However, heating pumps are ideal for keeping the air temperature stable in your home as well. A heat pump is efficient to run and can operate at a quarter of [...]

1 12, 2013

Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your Phoenix Home

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Visualizing the walls of your house as a huge storage space for a maze of connected ducts is a highly effective tool for accomplishing consistent energy efficiency.  Just as no chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, no overall energy system is more efficient than its most inefficient component. Your home comfort system [...]

15 11, 2013

Copper Theft in Phoenix

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Copper theft is fast becoming a nationwide problem due to the rising prices of this precious metal. The cases of theft usually involve any product that has copper content in it, but air conditioners are now becoming an easy target for thieves since AC units are typically outside and on the ground. Evaluating the price [...]

20 05, 2013

Mini Splits Make Significant Advances with Inverter Technology

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Ductless mini split air conditioning units are now creating waves in the U.S. marketplace, although the technology has been in existence for some time. Despite the technological advances in the quality and cost associated with equipment utilized in the heating and cooling industries, in both residences and commercial organizations, these mini split units are still [...]

16 05, 2013

Did Somebody Mention Wine?

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Thinking about a wine cellar for your home or business?  There are three very important considerations when building a wine cellar—light, humidity and wine cellar temperature. Dark cool places are a friend to wine.  Your wine cellar should be dark to protect your collection from UV rays (aka direct sunlight) as it destroys important organic [...]

10 01, 2013

Technicians with NATE Certification get the job Done Right First Time

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The comfort systems in your home --- heating, cooling, air cleaning and ventilating --- require a significant investment. Nowadays, home comfort systems are extremely sophisticated, in contrast to their predecessors of several decades ago. Most residents are dependent on at least one of these systems each day. And with anything that can impact the comfort [...]

15 12, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

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Since the attic is not a part of the home normally inhabited, it can easily be ignored.  Many homeowners may not appreciate the need for proper ventilation of the attic.  Solar heat on the roof can cause the space to become very hot.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, the heat is often transferred through the [...]

26 09, 2012


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact:   Kevin Nutt 602.571.0739 NOMINATE A FAMILY IN NEED OF A NEW COOLING & HEATING UNIT Hobaica Services to give away 8 comfort systems as part of BEGIN Campaign September 19, 2012, Phoenix, AZ – Louis Hobaica, owner of Hobaica Services, announced the 4th Annual Kick-Off of the BEGIN Program, Business [...]

27 07, 2012

Two Stage Compressor Improves Home Comfort

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Air conditioning systems that are used today can provide homeowners with a large selection of features to improve energy efficiency along with home comfort.  New improvements include everything from check filter lights to thermal expansion valves.  However, one innovation many find to be useful is the dual stage compressor. Use of the traditional compressor, which [...]

27 07, 2012

Save Money While On Vacation

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Summer vacations offer a great way to leave the problems of everyday life and relax, but the expenses can add up quickly.  The travel expense, vacation rental and eating out at restaurants make the vacation an expensive proposition.  In order to give you the most cash for vacation, take some steps to make sure your [...]

30 05, 2012

How Phoenix Home Owners Can Evaluate their Energy Usage

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When a Phoenix homeowner is interested in saving energy, many factors are involved in the plan. This includes evaluating every part of the home, from the way the duct system is designed to the exterior landscaping. Perhaps you have invested in a heat pump or other more efficient energy saving equipment. Has your thermostat has [...]

30 05, 2012

No Duct Tape Allowed!

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A comfortable home has an efficient system for heating and cooling the air. Unfortunately, a recent report from the US government’s Energy Star Program indicates that the duct systems in typical American homes lose 20 percent of air moving through them. This is due to leaking duct work that was poorly installed or has deteriorated [...]

30 05, 2012

Have You Cleaned Your Coils Lately?

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If you live in Phoenix, it can be difficult maintaining low cooling costs. However, there are some things you can do to enhance your home's comfort while remaining energy-efficient. One highly important component of your semi-annual maintenance is having your HVAC technician clean your air conditioner's evaporator coils. Even though you do not normally see [...]

30 04, 2012

Accepted by Energy Star

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HVAC upgrades are an investment for the long-term. You want to select equipment that will give you value in the long run for efficiency, comfort and energy savings. How does one narrow down the choices? One useful tool is the label called Energy Star. When a product is sanctioned by Energy Star, you can recognize [...]

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