25 06, 2018

What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal


These Handy Tips Will Help You Avoid Garbage Disposal Repairs It’s July again, and most Phoenix, AZ families are celebrating Independence Day and other festivities with fun backyard cookouts and picnics. While time spent outside with family is fun, the cleanup required can be a pain. Uneaten food and food waste such [...]

14 05, 2018

Stay Cool In High Temperatures With These Tips


How To Survive The Heat If Your AC Is Malfunctioning The spring and summer temperatures in Arizona can be unforgiving, even a threat to your health. Younger children and the elderly in particular are especially at risk of health concerns caused by high heat and caregivers advised to take precautions during extreme [...]

1 12, 2013

Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your Phoenix Home

Consumer Information, How-to's|

Visualizing the walls of your house as a huge storage space for a maze of connected ducts is a highly effective tool for accomplishing consistent energy efficiency.  Just as no chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, no overall energy system is more efficient than its most inefficient component. Your home comfort system [...]

15 12, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Air Quality, Consumer Information, How-to's|

Since the attic is not a part of the home normally inhabited, it can easily be ignored.  Many homeowners may not appreciate the need for proper ventilation of the attic.  Solar heat on the roof can cause the space to become very hot.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, the heat is often transferred through the [...]

25 10, 2011

Air Conditioning Unit Yearly Maintenance

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 Proper care of your home’s heating /cooling system is essential for your comfort. Preventive maintenance is important for the life of the equipment and energy savings.  We all know that saving energy equals saving money, right? It’s a win-win situation. As the homeowner, you save energy, time and—money. But you also extend the life of [...]

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