Home Cooling System – Making the Right Decisions

The home cooling system is a large investment for home owners, thus deciding to repair or replace the system is often intimidating.  Should you pay for a few repairs and hope the system can be patched up to make it another year?   Or would it be better to replacement home cooling system and improve your [...]

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How Phoenix Home Owners Can Evaluate their Energy Usage

When a Phoenix homeowner is interested in saving energy, many factors are involved in the plan. This includes evaluating every part of the home, from the way the duct system is designed to the exterior landscaping. Perhaps you have invested in a heat pump or other more efficient energy saving equipment. Has your thermostat has [...]

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No Duct Tape Allowed!

A comfortable home has an efficient system for heating and cooling the air. Unfortunately, a recent report from the US government’s Energy Star Program indicates that the duct systems in typical American homes lose 20 percent of air moving through them. This is due to leaking duct work that was poorly installed or has deteriorated [...]

Have You Cleaned Your Coils Lately?

If you live in Phoenix, it can be difficult maintaining low cooling costs. However, there are some things you can do to enhance your home's comfort while remaining energy-efficient. One highly important component of your semi-annual maintenance is having your HVAC technician clean your air conditioner's evaporator coils. Even though you do not normally see [...]

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Is Your Air Conditioner ready for HOT Summer Days?

Summers in the Southwest are known for heat, a dry heat that forces equipment to prove it’s worth every day. This means that your air conditioner needs to be in good working order to keep you comfortable throughout the summer. Having your unit thoroughly checked by licensed HVAC contractor will help to ensure that your [...]

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Common Sense Approach to Saving Energy

The heating or cooling load for your home is a measurement of the amount of hot or cold air that it takes to bring your home to a comfortable temperature. This air can either be introduced to the home or removed from the home depending on the external and internal temperatures. The first analysis that [...]

Accepted by Energy Star

HVAC upgrades are an investment for the long-term. You want to select equipment that will give you value in the long run for efficiency, comfort and energy savings. How does one narrow down the choices? One useful tool is the label called Energy Star. When a product is sanctioned by Energy Star, you can recognize [...]

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Indoor Air Pollution: It Really Exists

Most homeowners never think about indoor air pollution, but it’s a common occurrence in your home. Dust particles, smoke, chemicals in carpeting, asbestos, formaldehyde, pesticides – there are many ways that the air inside your home becomes a potential risk to the health of your family. Although you may not realize it, the air inside many [...]

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Whole-House Dehumidification: Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Many air conditioners come with a dehumidifying function, but because their main role is to cool the air, they can’t always achieve ideal humidity levels. That’s why many homeowners turn to whole-house dehumidification systems dedicated to removing excess moisture from the air. Whole-house dehumidification systems are installed as part of your existing HVAC system, so [...]

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Federal Tax Credits Still Available For Energy Efficient Systems

Lots of homeowners took advantage of the generous Federal Tax Credits offered for heating and air conditioning systems in 2010. Those credits have been reduced, but you can still benefit if you are considering an upgrade to your home comfort system. Now is the time to think about installing new air conditioning or an air-source [...]

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Keep Air Conditioning Coils Clean and Running Efficiently

Homeowners should never underestimate the importance of the coils. Keeping them clean can be one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system. Regardless of the type of unit your home has, regular service and necessary upgrades not only increase comfort levels, but also will markedly reduce your energy bill. [...]

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Energy Management Thermostats Maximize Energy Use

What are energy management thermostats? Energy management thermostats are the latest in programmable class thermostats. They work much like programmable thermostats, but you have the additional option to control them remotely. If your schedule changes and you want to alter your thermostat settings accordingly, just log on to the Internet and make the necessary changes. [...]

Save Money by Creating HVAC System Synergy

The three main components that work in unison to keep your home comfortable year-round are: The thermostat, which tells the system when to turn on and off. The heat pump, furnace or air conditioner, which is responsible for producing warm or cool air, and The ductwork, which distributes the conditioned air throughout the home. By [...]

MERV and Your HVAC Air Filter

Let’s discuss how MERV, not Merv Griffin the talk show host from years past, but, MERV. The  Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and how it is used when measuring air filter effectiveness.  The MERV rating reveals how well your system’s air filter traps air particles and pollutants in your home air. The MERV ranges from 1 [...]

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Ductless Mini-Split Heat-Pump Systems

If you’ve never heard of ductless mini-split heat-pump systems, you’re not alone. New to the U.S. market, these systems provide a way to heat and cool spaces without ductwork. The systems have outdoor compressors, like other heat pumps. But instead of a central air handler inside that sends conditioned air through your home’s ductwork, the [...]

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UV Lights and Mold: What You Need to Know

The Problem Mold in the home has become a major public health issue and the leading culprit when it comes to poor indoor air quality.  Mold growth is accelerated in dark spaces with poor air circulation and ventilation. Forced-air HVAC systems or poorly working systems are susceptible to mold growth.  Old ductwork can help spread [...]

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Troubleshooting Your Heating System

At one time or another troubleshooting your heating systems is a necessity. If you are having a problem with your heating system, try the simple troubleshooting solutions below: The thermostat should be set to the “heat” mode. You would be surprised at the number of service calls that have been generated due to the fact [...]

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Increase Energy Savings — Without Breaking the Bank

Winter, although short lived, in the in the Valley of the Sun is the time of year when we get a break from the summer heat and have our own bought with cold weather.  During the “winter season”, it is important to have a strategy for saving energy.  By doing so, you not only save [...]

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Cooling and Heating Load: Important Before You Upgrade

If you’re thinking about an HVAC upgrade, it’s wise to examine your home’s cooling and heating load. When you do, you’ll get the maximum value from your new comfort system. What is Cooling or Heating Load? The cooling load of your home is a term HVAC experts use to assess the level of heat that [...]

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Ethics are foundational to a successful HVAC Business. From ethics are derived the contractor’s attitudes regarding how the company obtains expertise, and how they keep abreast of new technologies in the field.  Most importantly, ethics play a major role in how the contractor relates to and treats their customers. Hobaica Services pride themselves in doing [...]

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It is a common notion among consumers that credentials and training certifications are just an excuse for a contractor to charge premium prices for their services. Not true. Proper credentialing insures customers they have qualified technicians working on their comfort system.  Additionally, certifications afford a level of security when allowing technicians access to your home. [...]

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Raving Fans is a Way of Life at Hobaica Services

Hobaica Services has been a leader in the HVAC industry for 59 years; this alone is quite a feat. In that time, they have built a reputation for quality customer service, and gained the trust, loyalty and respect of their customers as well as the community they serve. Raving Fans Hobaica values feedback from its [...]

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2012 PROGRAM RULES Campaign Name: “Business Entities Getting Involved in our Neighborhood” (“BEGIN”) Company: Hobaica Services Inc. Address: 10636 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, AZ, 85020 Telephone: 602-235-0235 Hobaica Services Inc. will conduct “BEGIN” substantially as described in these rules and by participating, each participant agrees as follows: 1. Description of “BEGIN”: The purpose of [...]

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BEGIN 2011 Recipient # 2 Leo and Diana Ferraro

Leo and Diana had to short sale their home earlier this year and they purchased a mobile home to live in. They have fixed it up enough to make it livable. Leo has been 100% disabled for several years and Diana became 100% disabled in 2007. Their two sons have recently had to move back [...]

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Heat Pump Upgrade: Pros and Cons

Have you ever considered upgrading your comfort system by adding a heat pump? Heat pumps, especially a high-efficiency heat pump, are a smart choice for maintaining comfort in the Southwest climate. Heat pumps are extremely economical for our long summer season and yet very effective at producing the heat needed in winter months. High-efficiency heat [...]

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Consumer Alert: New A/C Refrigerant Standards

If you own an older A/C unit, odds are its using R-22 refrigerant to keep you cool.  R-22 has been the refrigerant of choice for residential heat pump and air-conditioning systems for more than four decades.  The down side is that R-22 is considered a greenhouse gas, meaning that when released into the atmosphere, it [...]

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Common Threats to Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that our indoor environments can have up to 10 times more pollutants than outdoors?  Knowing what you’re up against is the first step to improving your indoor air quality. Below, are the three most common contaminants and their remedies. Biological Contaminants -Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, dust mites and mold can grow [...]

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Join Our Team in Giving BACK!

Hobaica services is installing FREE Air Conditioning Systems for 8 families in need during November and December 2011 WAYS TO BEGIN GETTING INVOLVED! 1. Nominate a family in need of a new cooling & heating system. Visit for the nomination form. 2. Help us get the word out to collect nominations. Tell everyone to [...] Magazine Page 4 Magazine Page 3

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What is the Contractor of the Year Award?

  From by Terry McIver, executive editor The Contractor of the Year represents an elite group: a forward-thinking class of HVAC contractors who are dynamic and professional in every aspect of their business. They constantly seek new ways to improve their businesses through quality contracting, and they strive to maintain the highest levels [...]

Air Conditioning Unit Yearly Maintenance

 Proper care of your home’s heating /cooling system is essential for your comfort. Preventive maintenance is important for the life of the equipment and energy savings.  We all know that saving energy equals saving money, right? It’s a win-win situation. As the homeowner, you save energy, time and—money. But you also extend the life of [...]

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Solar Hot Water – How it Works

Heating water is not cheap. Whether one uses fuel or electricity it costs a lot to heat water. Compared to air, the water is much harder to heat which means higher energy bill. However, users can save lots of money if they use solar hot water technology to heat the water. The sun is a [...]

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Solar Hot Water – Rebates and Tax Credits Galore!!!

Installing solar hot water panels or a solar water heater is probably much more affordable than you think. One of the great things about installing solar powered hot water is the tax credits. There are Federal credits, state credits and other rebates which contribute to the overall savings of going green.   Just a Few [...]

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Housekeeping for Air Conditioning Coils

If your AC Unit looks like this . . . .it’s not good. Air conditioning coils are one of the main components of your home comfort system and keeping them clean can be one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your system. Regardless of the type of unit your home has, regular [...]

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Solar Hot Water – What Every Consumer Needs to Know!

The hot water system is a regular energy waster and normally goes unnoticed when taking into account methods to preserve energy.  However, it could be the best place to begin saving and improving the value of your home. Below are the top five reasons to consider Solar Hot Water Systems for your home and family. [...]

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Top-Ten Tips for Controlling Allergies in Your Home

Maintaining a healthy home goes beyond managing the temperature inside—especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses. Controlling allergies in your home is directly related to the air you breathe. At Hobaica Services, we believe that maintaining your home’s indoor air quality is the best place to start in the war against allergies. Here [...]

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Solar Hot Water – The Cleaner, Greener Way to Saving Money!

The use of coal, electricity, gas or wood to heat water at home is neither environment-friendly nor budget-friendly. Many home owners don’t realize that traditional water heating methods account for a substantial part of your home energy costs. However, there is a cleaner, greener and cost-efficient option to heat water and achieve big energy savings [...]

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Consumer Alert: Installing a New Residential Air Conditioning System

At some point or another every homeowner in Phoenix faces the inevitable investment of a new home comfort system.  There are two critical issues to consider as you move into this decision: the purchase of a quality system and the installation that system. Once an efficient, quality system has been purchased, it should be installed [...]

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The Super Seven Must Haves of a Comfortable Home

Our home comfort systems are essential to our comfort year round.  So what are the critical components to look for in a new system, when yours goes to the great hereafter?  Let’s take a look. Efficiency – it is important to choose a system based on the size of your home. Your comfort specialists at [...]

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Affordable Comfort

When it comes to heating or cooling our home, we all want the biggest bang for our buck. Here in the Valley of the Sun, efficiency is the key to striking a balance between comfort and savings. Hobaica Services suggests the following tips to keep your system operating at its peak: Set the thermostat properly- [...]

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Preventative Maintenance for Your Home Air Conditioning System

Fact- preventative maintenance can save money and keep your system running efficiently. Regular maintenance also helps you avoid costly breakdowns. Who wants to be without AC during Monsoon season in Phoenix? When your unit is not performing at its peak, it can result in a home that has warm spots-causing your air conditioning unit to [...]

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Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

When HVAC problems arise, many homeowners struggle with the question of whether to repair or replace their system. The debate of nursing a unit along to avoid an unexpected replacement expenses vs. taking care of the inevitable now instead of later is the subject of many dinner table discussions. While we have seen well maintained [...]

We care about Your Carbon Footprint

Most folks are familiar with the air conditioning refrigerant called Freon, also known as R-22 as it’s called by insiders.  For many years there simply wasn’t information on the harmful effects of Freon and it was widely used through the 1990s by most HVAC companies.  Freon produces a chlorine gas that contributes to ozone depletion, [...]

Is Your Duct Work Leaking Money?

Leaking ducts can cause a system to loose up to 20% of air or heat, and compromise air quality by allowing dust, allergens and other particulates to circulate throughout your home. Duct sealing saves you money by allowing your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently. In addition to saving energy, sealing ducts improves [...]

It Pays to be a Smart Consumer!

When it comes to HVAC terms and knowledge, there’s a lot of information in cyberspace and on TV and radio. It’s hard to know what terms matter most.  After all, not every Arizona homeowner wants to become a certified comfort specialist.  Hobaica Services understands this and suggests every home owner learn just three HVAC terms [...]

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Indoor Air Quality and Your Family’s Health

Indoor air quality is not something we think about on a daily basis - but maybe we should.  The air quality in your home is vital to maintaining good health for your family.  According to the World Health Organization, indoor pollutants cause asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. Common indoor pollutants include: Dust mites Pet dander [...]

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Consumer Alert: What You Need to Know BEFORE You Purchase a New System

Three major challenges when purchasing a new air conditioning or heating system are: Choosing a system that will provide optimal levels of cooling or heating. Purchasing a system that is energy efficient and dependable. Selecting a certified professional to install your new system. Let’s examine a few installation guidelines which will ensure your new equipment [...]

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