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Category: Saving Energy

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What’s The Big Deal With That Little Thermostat?
How Much Does Your Home’s Thermostat Impact You We see it all the time here at Hobaica Services - Homeowners in the area who are…
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Energy Saving Tips for Summer
5 Tips For Energy-Efficient Cooling In Hot Temperatures You don’t need to be told that it gets hot during the Phoenix summer, but did you…
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Laundry – A Cleaner Way
The Only Environmentally Friendly Laundry System That Functions Without the Use of Detergent If there was just one easy switch you could make in your…
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Attic Insulation . . .It’s not just pink fluff
Attic Insulation for Your Phoenix Area Home It's summer, and the temperature inside your home keeps rising.  Sometimes it’s not your AC unit.  It could…
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The Life and Times of Your A/C Unit
The average air conditioning unit life span is 12-15 years. However, air conditioners can have shorter life if not maintained regularly, installed incorrectly or if…
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The Yellow Energy Guide Label
The Energy Guide is consumer information to help you plan and understand if your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Choosing an air conditioning system…
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Mini Splits Make Significant Advances with Inverter Technology
Ductless mini split air conditioning units are now creating waves in the U.S. marketplace, although the technology has been in existence for some time. Despite…
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Choosing an Energy Star HVAC System
Maybe you have been thinking of buying a new piece of cooling or heating equipment? Well, those who want to make sure that they get…
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Your Programmable Thermostat is One of Your Best Assets to Save Money!
With rising energy costs, most Phoenix residents are taking steps to boost the energy efficiency of their homes.  Some are going as far as to…
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Not all Vampires Sparkle
Energy vampires do not attack only at night.  They continue to suck the electrical juice from a home 24 hours per day seven days per…
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