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Tag: AC unit efficency

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Attic Insulation . . .It’s not just pink fluff
Attic Insulation for Your Phoenix Area Home It's summer, and the temperature inside your home keeps rising.  Sometimes it’s not your AC unit.  It could…
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Reduce Heat Gain in Your Home with Window Treatments
So, she wants to decorate and you are watching the budget.  Let her splurge on window treatments, on one condition, of course.  The window treatments…
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CONSUMER ALERT: HVAC Awareness for Home Buyers
Buying a new home can be an exciting time of life.  While it is likely that eventually the home will need to be inspected and…
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Home Cooling System – Making the Right Decisions
The home cooling system is a large investment for home owners, thus deciding to repair or replace the system is often intimidating.  Should you pay…
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No Duct Tape Allowed!
A comfortable home has an efficient system for heating and cooling the air. Unfortunately, a recent report from the US government’s Energy Star Program indicates…
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Accepted by Energy Star
HVAC upgrades are an investment for the long-term. You want to select equipment that will give you value in the long run for efficiency, comfort…
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Cooling and Heating Load: Important Before You Upgrade
If you’re thinking about an HVAC upgrade, it’s wise to examine your home’s cooling and heating load. When you do, you’ll get the maximum value…
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Air Conditioning Unit Yearly Maintenance
Proper care of your home’s cooling system is essential for your comfort. Preventive AC maintenance is important for the life of the equipment and energy…
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The Super Seven Must Haves of a Comfortable Home
Our home comfort systems are essential to our comfort year round.  So what are the critical components to look for in a new system, when…
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