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Category: Consumer Alerts

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A2L Refrigerant Requirements – How They Will Impact You
What the New 2024 Refrigerant Standards Mean For Home Comfort and Costs The heating and cooling industry is set for big changes in 2024 as…
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What You Need To Know About the New SEER Guidelines For 2023
Prices On New Air Conditioners Will Be Going Up Soon In Arizona We’re getting close to the end of the year! With just a few…
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Are You Protected From Airborne Viruses?
Hobaica Helps Guard Your Family From Viruses In Your Home Is your home properly defended against airborne viruses? With the recent, global health concerns about…
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EPA: R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out
R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out: What You Need To Know If you have an AC unit in Phoenix, AZ that was installed before 2010, it’s likely…
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Copper Theft in Phoenix
Copper theft is fast becoming a nationwide problem due to the rising prices of this precious metal. The cases of theft usually involve any product…
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Are Pleated Filters for You?
If you live in Phoenix, you will often find the air outside your home to be beautiful and clear. The air inside the home on…
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Small drips can create big problems
Is your Air Conditioning leaking water again? AC drips are an indicator of a clogged drain line, and could mean a serious underlying issue.  A…
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Choosing an HVAC Contractor: It’s an Interview, not a crap shoot
Choosing a contractor, who won’t leave you with an empty wallet and a head ache isn’t a crap shoot; it’s simply an interview process.  And…
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Consumer Alert: New A/C Refrigerant Standards
If you own an older A/C unit, odds are its using R-22 refrigerant to keep you cool, Hobaica Services wants you to be informed about…
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Consumer Alert: Installing a New Residential Air Conditioning System
At some point or another every homeowner in Phoenix faces the inevitable investment of a new home comfort system.  There are two critical issues to…
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