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The Lowdown on Indoor & Outdoor  Air Pollution in Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ has recently been ranked by the American Lung Association as one of the most polluted cities in the US. This means that residents are at an increased risk for serious health problems, including asthma attacks, cardiovascular consequence and even premature [...]

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A Simple Guide To Achieving Balanced Airflow for Phoenix Home Owners

One of the things that you can do to keep your home comfortable during the year is to maintain balanced airflow. It is also a great way to increase energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. Simply put, balanced airflow means ensuring that your HVAC system makes the temperature in all of the rooms in [...]

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The Life and Times of Your A/C Unit

The average air conditioning unit life span is 12-15 years. However, air conditioners can have shorter life if not maintained regularly, installed incorrectly or if the unit size is not sized properly for the area it is serving.  And when an A/C unit stops working, it almost always seems to be at a very inconvenient [...]

Are Pleated Filters for You?

If you live in Phoenix, you will often find the air outside your home to be beautiful and clear. The air inside the home on the other hand, can have potential allergens, pet dander, and pollen, along with, mold spores, viruses and bacteria, all of which are made up of particulates, that can be hazardous [...]

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Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Home

Controlling the moisture level in your home is one of the best ways of preventing mold, and you can keep mold out of your home by following these tips: * Your air conditioner fan should be set on the auto position, rather than on the on position; if set to on, your fan raises the [...]

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Upgrading Your Insulation

If the insulation in one's home is inadequate, it can result in additional cost for cooling and heating, not to mention, it robs the home of the comfort that is possible.  While most people consider insulation a necessity in colder climates in order to prevent heat loss and keep the home warm when temperatures drop. [...]

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Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Since the attic is not a part of the home normally inhabited, it can easily be ignored.  Many homeowners may not appreciate the need for proper ventilation of the attic.  Solar heat on the roof can cause the space to become very hot.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, the heat is often transferred through the [...]

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Did We Mention, Change Your Air Filters . . . Regularly!

Probably the most overlooked, under tracked and yet simplest home maintenance task most of us have to do.  As a busy homeowner, one's day is filled with important things to do.  One task that can easily be overlooked when one is already busy is checking the air conditioner filters.  Even though it is easy to [...]

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CONSUMER ALERT: HVAC Awareness for Home Buyers

Buying a new home can be an exciting time of life.  While it is likely that eventually the home will need to be inspected and mechanical equipment evaluated to finalize financing, the following items may indicate problems with the new home HVAC system. Potential New Home HVAC Problems -- Noises An odd noise in any [...]

What Every Homeowner Should KNOW Before Purchasing a New AC Unit

Let’s face it, for the vast majority of homeowners, we know that installing a new AC unit is not a do it yourself, weekend warrior job.  So, before you call an expert, it’s important to educate yourself as a consumer in order to make the right choices for your family’s comfort. Understanding the Right Size [...]

Two Stage Compressor Improves Home Comfort

Air conditioning systems that are used today can provide homeowners with a large selection of features to improve energy efficiency along with home comfort.  New improvements include everything from check filter lights to thermal expansion valves.  However, one innovation many find to be useful is the dual stage compressor. Use of the traditional compressor, which [...]

Indoor Air Pollution: It Really Exists

Most homeowners never think about indoor air pollution, but it’s a common occurrence in your home. Dust particles, smoke, chemicals in carpeting, asbestos, formaldehyde, pesticides – there are many ways that the air inside your home becomes a potential risk to the health of your family. Although you may not realize it, the air inside many [...]

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Whole-House Dehumidification: Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Many air conditioners come with a dehumidifying function, but because their main role is to cool the air, they can’t always achieve ideal humidity levels. That’s why many homeowners turn to whole-house dehumidification systems dedicated to removing excess moisture from the air. Whole-house dehumidification systems are installed as part of your existing HVAC system, so [...]

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Keep Air Conditioning Coils Clean and Running Efficiently

Homeowners should never underestimate the importance of the coils. Keeping them clean can be one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system. Regardless of the type of unit your home has, regular service and necessary upgrades not only increase comfort levels, but also will markedly reduce your energy bill. [...]

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Save Money by Creating HVAC System Synergy

The three main components that work in unison to keep your home comfortable year-round are: The thermostat, which tells the system when to turn on and off. The heat pump, furnace or air conditioner, which is responsible for producing warm or cool air, and The ductwork, which distributes the conditioned air throughout the home. By [...]

MERV and Your HVAC Air Filter

Let’s discuss how MERV, not Merv Griffin the talk show host from years past, but, MERV. The  Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and how it is used when measuring air filter effectiveness.  The MERV rating reveals how well your system’s air filter traps air particles and pollutants in your home air. The MERV ranges from 1 [...]

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Ductless Mini-Split Heat-Pump Systems

If you’ve never heard of ductless mini-split heat-pump systems, you’re not alone. New to the U.S. market, these systems provide a way to heat and cool spaces without ductwork. The systems have outdoor compressors, like other heat pumps. But instead of a central air handler inside that sends conditioned air through your home’s ductwork, the [...]

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UV Lights and Mold: What You Need to Know

The Problem Mold in the home has become a major public health issue and the leading culprit when it comes to poor indoor air quality.  Mold growth is accelerated in dark spaces with poor air circulation and ventilation. Forced-air HVAC systems or poorly working systems are susceptible to mold growth.  Old ductwork can help spread [...]

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Common Threats to Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that our indoor environments can have up to 10 times more pollutants than outdoors?  Knowing what you’re up against is the first step to improving your indoor air quality. Below, are the three most common contaminants and their remedies. Biological Contaminants -Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, dust mites and mold can grow [...]

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Top-Ten Tips for Controlling Allergies in Your Home

Maintaining a healthy home goes beyond managing the temperature inside—especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses. Controlling allergies in your home is directly related to the air you breathe. At Hobaica Services, we believe that maintaining your home’s indoor air quality is the best place to start in the war against allergies. Here [...]

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Indoor Air Quality and Your Family’s Health

Indoor air quality is not something we think about on a daily basis - but maybe we should.  The air quality in your home is vital to maintaining good health for your family.  According to the World Health Organization, indoor pollutants cause asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. Common indoor pollutants include: Dust mites Pet dander [...]

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