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Efficient Heating and Cooling for Phoenix Homeowners

Let's look at some tips to make your heating and cooling system run efficiently. Some homeowners in the Southwest have gone green to save money. But there are various ways of running heating and cooling systems efficiently. Take note of these useful cooling and heating tips and you could see savings on your annual utility [...]

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Talking about indoor air pollutants

Home is a place where you put your feet up to relax and breathe in plenty of fresh and healthy air. But many homes are filled with polluted air, so here are three of the main air pollutants and ways of dealing with them. Biological Pollutants If you have mold growing around your bathroom window [...]

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Tame Runaway Power Bills With Tight Ductwork

Air ducts are used in forced air cooling and heating systems to supply conditioned air into a building. The ductwork is usually hidden in basements, attics, ceiling and inside the walls, which makes it almost impossible for the average person to notice any air leaks. When heated or cooled air leaks, not only will your [...]

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The Lifespan of Heat Pumps

Many homeowners in Phoenix have a heat pump for their swimming pool. This type of unit keeps the water at a comfortable temperature for swimming. However, heating pumps are ideal for keeping the air temperature stable in your home as well. A heat pump is efficient to run and can operate at a quarter of [...]

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A Simple Guide To Achieving Balanced Airflow for Phoenix Home Owners

One of the things that you can do to keep your home comfortable during the year is to maintain balanced airflow. It is also a great way to increase energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. Simply put, balanced airflow means ensuring that your HVAC system makes the temperature in all of the rooms in [...]

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Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your Phoenix Home

Visualizing the walls of your house as a huge storage space for a maze of connected ducts is a highly effective tool for accomplishing consistent energy efficiency.  Just as no chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, no overall energy system is more efficient than its most inefficient component. Your home comfort system [...]

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Copper Theft in Phoenix

Copper theft is fast becoming a nationwide problem due to the rising prices of this precious metal. The cases of theft usually involve any product that has copper content in it, but air conditioners are now becoming an easy target for thieves since AC units are typically outside and on the ground. Evaluating the price [...]

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Three Ways to Use Your Ceiling Fan in Your Phoenix Home

While many homes are equipped with ceiling fans, improper operation can actually increase your energy bill. The problem is that many individuals do not know how they should be operated to provide the greatest potential energy savings. One of the most important things to know is that ceiling fans do no cool rooms but they [...]

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Attic Insulation . . .It’s not just pink fluff

It's summer, and the temperature inside your home keeps rising.  Sometimes it’s not your AC unit.  It could be your attic is too hot and is affecting your home's overall temperature.  Improper ventilation and insulation at this part of the house can make your air conditioners work twice as hard than it should, which in [...]

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The Life and Times of Your A/C Unit

The average air conditioning unit life span is 12-15 years. However, air conditioners can have shorter life if not maintained regularly, installed incorrectly or if the unit size is not sized properly for the area it is serving.  And when an A/C unit stops working, it almost always seems to be at a very inconvenient [...]

The Yellow Energy Guide Label

The Energy Guide is consumer information to help you plan and understand if your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Choosing an air conditioning system is often a daunting task, simply due to the number of options available. By reading the yellow tag known as the Energy Guide label on the units it [...]

Mini Splits Make Significant Advances with Inverter Technology

Ductless mini split air conditioning units are now creating waves in the U.S. marketplace, although the technology has been in existence for some time. Despite the technological advances in the quality and cost associated with equipment utilized in the heating and cooling industries, in both residences and commercial organizations, these mini split units are still [...]

Did Somebody Mention Wine?

Thinking about a wine cellar for your home or business?  There are three very important considerations when building a wine cellar—light, humidity and wine cellar temperature. Dark cool places are a friend to wine.  Your wine cellar should be dark to protect your collection from UV rays (aka direct sunlight) as it destroys important organic [...]

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If you are looking for a new HVAC system then you should choose Energy Star

Maybe you have been thinking of buying a new piece of cooling or heating equipment? Well, those who want to make sure that they get the best value for money should take a look at the Equipment by Energy Star. So, what does the Equipment by Energy Star have to offer that its competitors don't? [...]

Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Home

Controlling the moisture level in your home is one of the best ways of preventing mold, and you can keep mold out of your home by following these tips: * Your air conditioner fan should be set on the auto position, rather than on the on position; if set to on, your fan raises the [...]

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Technicians with NATE Certification get the job Done Right First Time

The comfort systems in your home --- heating, cooling, air cleaning and ventilating --- require a significant investment. Nowadays, home comfort systems are extremely sophisticated, in contrast to their predecessors of several decades ago. Most residents are dependent on at least one of these systems each day. And with anything that can impact the comfort [...]

Your Programmable Thermostat is One of Your Best Assets to Save Money!

With rising energy costs, most Phoenix residents are taking steps to boost the energy efficiency of their homes.  Some are going as far as to upgrade their HVAC system.  However, one of the most important steps is to replace the old manual thermostat using a programmable model.  Then program your thermostat for the greatest reduction [...]

Upgrading Your Insulation

If the insulation in one's home is inadequate, it can result in additional cost for cooling and heating, not to mention, it robs the home of the comfort that is possible.  While most people consider insulation a necessity in colder climates in order to prevent heat loss and keep the home warm when temperatures drop. [...]

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Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Since the attic is not a part of the home normally inhabited, it can easily be ignored.  Many homeowners may not appreciate the need for proper ventilation of the attic.  Solar heat on the roof can cause the space to become very hot.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, the heat is often transferred through the [...]

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Not all Vampires Sparkle

Energy vampires do not attack only at night.  They continue to suck the electrical juice from a home 24 hours per day seven days per week.  Any device that continues using power when in a sleep or standby mode can be considered an energy vampire.  As long as their fangs are attached to a power [...]

Reduce Heat Gain in Your Home with Window Treatments

So, she wants to decorate and you are watching the budget.  Let her splurge on window treatments, on one condition, of course.  The window treatments must help keep the heat out during the summer. Windows act much like the glass of a greenhouse to trap the sunlight streaming infrared energy into the house.  Once it [...]

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CONSUMER ALERT: HVAC Awareness for Home Buyers

Buying a new home can be an exciting time of life.  While it is likely that eventually the home will need to be inspected and mechanical equipment evaluated to finalize financing, the following items may indicate problems with the new home HVAC system. Potential New Home HVAC Problems -- Noises An odd noise in any [...]

Small drips can create big problems

Is your Air Conditioning leaking water again?  The drips are an indicator of a clogged drain line, and could mean a serious underlying issue.  A call to an HVAC professional as soon as you discover an air conditioner leaking is a very smart move.  This ensures the system continues to work correctly while avoiding water [...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact:   Kevin Nutt 602.571.0739 NOMINATE A FAMILY IN NEED OF A NEW COOLING & HEATING UNIT Hobaica Services to give away 8 comfort systems as part of BEGIN Campaign September 19, 2012, Phoenix, AZ – Louis Hobaica, owner of Hobaica Services, announced the 4th Annual Kick-Off of the BEGIN Program, Business [...]

Maintenance is the Key to Efficiency and Longevity

Just like a car needing a tune-up every 3,000 -6,000 miles, depending on the year and the engine size, air conditioning and heating units should have regular maintenance twice a year, and sometimes more often depending age and size of the equipment.   An essential part of the maintenance service should be AC coil cleaning.  Neglecting [...]

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Four Key Elements Required for New AC Installation

Selecting the right new AC installation requires much more than simply choosing the correct equipment and an expert in installation.  Quality air conditioning installation requires the contractor follow many steps.  If any of these steps are neglected, the new system will not live up to the homeowner's expectations. 1.  Sizing for New AC Installation One [...]

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What Every Homeowner Should KNOW Before Purchasing a New AC Unit

Let’s face it, for the vast majority of homeowners, we know that installing a new AC unit is not a do it yourself, weekend warrior job.  So, before you call an expert, it’s important to educate yourself as a consumer in order to make the right choices for your family’s comfort. Understanding the Right Size [...]

Weatherizing Your Arizona Home

When living in Arizona, one of the certainties of life is that summers will be long and hot.  As a result the power bills will reflect the hard work the HVAC system must do to keep your home comfortable.  By taking steps in weatherizing your home, Arizona homeowners are taking a step in the right [...]

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Variable Speed Air Handler Improves Home Comfort and Reduces Costs

An HVAC system that provides adequate air circulation is vital to the comfort throughout one's home.  If the system produces adequate cooling or heating, but the air handler cannot distribute the air adequately, occupants cannot remain comfortable and the system wastes money trying to keep up with the demand for “right temperature” air. Inside the [...]

Two Stage Compressor Improves Home Comfort

Air conditioning systems that are used today can provide homeowners with a large selection of features to improve energy efficiency along with home comfort.  New improvements include everything from check filter lights to thermal expansion valves.  However, one innovation many find to be useful is the dual stage compressor. Use of the traditional compressor, which [...]

Save Money While On Vacation

Summer vacations offer a great way to leave the problems of everyday life and relax, but the expenses can add up quickly.  The travel expense, vacation rental and eating out at restaurants make the vacation an expensive proposition.  In order to give you the most cash for vacation, take some steps to make sure your [...]

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Home Cooling System – Making the Right Decisions

The home cooling system is a large investment for home owners, thus deciding to repair or replace the system is often intimidating.  Should you pay for a few repairs and hope the system can be patched up to make it another year?   Or would it be better to replacement home cooling system and improve your [...]

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How Phoenix Home Owners Can Evaluate their Energy Usage

When a Phoenix homeowner is interested in saving energy, many factors are involved in the plan. This includes evaluating every part of the home, from the way the duct system is designed to the exterior landscaping. Perhaps you have invested in a heat pump or other more efficient energy saving equipment. Has your thermostat has [...]

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No Duct Tape Allowed!

A comfortable home has an efficient system for heating and cooling the air. Unfortunately, a recent report from the US government’s Energy Star Program indicates that the duct systems in typical American homes lose 20 percent of air moving through them. This is due to leaking duct work that was poorly installed or has deteriorated [...]

Have You Cleaned Your Coils Lately?

If you live in Phoenix, it can be difficult maintaining low cooling costs. However, there are some things you can do to enhance your home's comfort while remaining energy-efficient. One highly important component of your semi-annual maintenance is having your HVAC technician clean your air conditioner's evaporator coils. Even though you do not normally see [...]

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Is Your Air Conditioner ready for HOT Summer Days?

Summers in the Southwest are known for heat, a dry heat that forces equipment to prove it’s worth every day. This means that your air conditioner needs to be in good working order to keep you comfortable throughout the summer. Having your unit thoroughly checked by licensed HVAC contractor will help to ensure that your [...]

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Common Sense Approach to Saving Energy

The heating or cooling load for your home is a measurement of the amount of hot or cold air that it takes to bring your home to a comfortable temperature. This air can either be introduced to the home or removed from the home depending on the external and internal temperatures. The first analysis that [...]

Accepted by Energy Star

HVAC upgrades are an investment for the long-term. You want to select equipment that will give you value in the long run for efficiency, comfort and energy savings. How does one narrow down the choices? One useful tool is the label called Energy Star. When a product is sanctioned by Energy Star, you can recognize [...]

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Indoor Air Pollution: It Really Exists

Most homeowners never think about indoor air pollution, but it’s a common occurrence in your home. Dust particles, smoke, chemicals in carpeting, asbestos, formaldehyde, pesticides – there are many ways that the air inside your home becomes a potential risk to the health of your family. Although you may not realize it, the air inside many [...]

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Whole-House Dehumidification: Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Many air conditioners come with a dehumidifying function, but because their main role is to cool the air, they can’t always achieve ideal humidity levels. That’s why many homeowners turn to whole-house dehumidification systems dedicated to removing excess moisture from the air. Whole-house dehumidification systems are installed as part of your existing HVAC system, so [...]

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Federal Tax Credits Still Available For Energy Efficient Systems

Lots of homeowners took advantage of the generous Federal Tax Credits offered for heating and air conditioning systems in 2010. Those credits have been reduced, but you can still benefit if you are considering an upgrade to your home comfort system. Now is the time to think about installing new air conditioning or an air-source [...]

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Keep Air Conditioning Coils Clean and Running Efficiently

Homeowners should never underestimate the importance of the coils. Keeping them clean can be one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your home comfort system. Regardless of the type of unit your home has, regular service and necessary upgrades not only increase comfort levels, but also will markedly reduce your energy bill. [...]

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Energy Management Thermostats Maximize Energy Use

What are energy management thermostats? Energy management thermostats are the latest in programmable class thermostats. They work much like programmable thermostats, but you have the additional option to control them remotely. If your schedule changes and you want to alter your thermostat settings accordingly, just log on to the Internet and make the necessary changes. [...]

Save Money by Creating HVAC System Synergy

The three main components that work in unison to keep your home comfortable year-round are: The thermostat, which tells the system when to turn on and off. The heat pump, furnace or air conditioner, which is responsible for producing warm or cool air, and The ductwork, which distributes the conditioned air throughout the home. By [...]

MERV and Your HVAC Air Filter

Let’s discuss how MERV, not Merv Griffin the talk show host from years past, but, MERV. The  Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and how it is used when measuring air filter effectiveness.  The MERV rating reveals how well your system’s air filter traps air particles and pollutants in your home air. The MERV ranges from 1 [...]

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UV Lights and Mold: What You Need to Know

The Problem Mold in the home has become a major public health issue and the leading culprit when it comes to poor indoor air quality.  Mold growth is accelerated in dark spaces with poor air circulation and ventilation. Forced-air HVAC systems or poorly working systems are susceptible to mold growth.  Old ductwork can help spread [...]

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Troubleshooting Your Heating System

At one time or another troubleshooting your heating systems is a necessity. If you are having a problem with your heating system, try the simple troubleshooting solutions below: The thermostat should be set to the “heat” mode. You would be surprised at the number of service calls that have been generated due to the fact [...]

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Cooling and Heating Load: Important Before You Upgrade

If you’re thinking about an HVAC upgrade, it’s wise to examine your home’s cooling and heating load. When you do, you’ll get the maximum value from your new comfort system. What is Cooling or Heating Load? The cooling load of your home is a term HVAC experts use to assess the level of heat that [...]

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Ethics are foundational to a successful HVAC Business. From ethics are derived the contractor’s attitudes regarding how the company obtains expertise, and how they keep abreast of new technologies in the field.  Most importantly, ethics play a major role in how the contractor relates to and treats their customers. Hobaica Services pride themselves in doing [...]

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It is a common notion among consumers that credentials and training certifications are just an excuse for a contractor to charge premium prices for their services. Not true. Proper credentialing insures customers they have qualified technicians working on their comfort system.  Additionally, certifications afford a level of security when allowing technicians access to your home. [...]

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